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Ongoing Programs
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Regular Programs
Womens' Study Circle - Happens Monthly 
With: Rabbi Mintz
various topics
Day: tuesday 
Time: 2:30pm 
Place: home of Jackie Berkin 
More Info: office 
Phone: 314-991-2100 

Tanya Class - Happens Weekly 
With: Rabbi Shaya Mintz, St. Louis Kollel
Tanya is a major work of Chassidus that explores mystical psychology and theology, and serves as a guide to daily spiritual and ethical life in Jewish observance. Classes will be held on Sundays at 8:00 pm starting February 26. Men and Women who are interested may contact Bob Kaiser at
Day: Sunday 
Time: 8:00pm 
Place: Chapel 
More Info: Bob Kaiser 

Course in Schechita - Happens Weekly 
With: Rabbi Chaim Loike
A new series of classes for men will be offered in the laws of Shechita -- ritual slaughter according to Jewish dietary law.

The classes, held in the multi-purpose room at NHBZ, will be led by Rabbi Chaim Loike, a Rabbinic Coordinator with Orthodox Union (OU) Kashruth Division. Rabbi Loike is widely-recognized for his vast expertise in the kashruth of animals.

The class goal is to learn and possibly qualify as a shochet!
Day: Thursday 
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm 
Place: Mutli-purpose Room at NHBZ 
More Info: Dr. Ethan Schuman 
Phone: 314 791-2951 

Mishnayot - Happens Weekly 
With: Rabbi Swidler
Learning mishnayot from sources and with commentaries on Sunday mornings after Shacharit
Day: Sunday 
Time: 8:45am 
Place: Chapel, NHBZ shul 

Learners' Service - Happens Weekly starting 11/13/2010 
With: Rabbi Smason
The Basic Practical Guide to Prayer.
Day: Shabbat 
Time: 10:15 
Place: Chapel 
More Info: Rabbi Smason 
Phone: 314-991-2100 

Shabbat Morning for the Junior Congregation - Happens Weekly 
With: Abigail Epstein
Fun and Learning for younger girls
Day: Shabbat 
Time: 10:00am 
Place: Childrens' Room 
More Info: Rabbi Smason 
Phone: 314-991-2100 

Morris Lenga Yiddish Club - Happens Once a month 
With: Szifra Braitberg, Ethan Schuman, Menachem Szus
Seasoned "mavens" as well as novices are invited to attend. Spirited and enjoyable hour filled with Yiddish stories and songs, fun and laughter. Currently also Yiddish Lessons.
Day: 1st Thursday of month 
Time: 7:00pm 
Place: NHBZ - Youth Room, downstairs 
More Info: 314-991-2100 

Lunch & Learn - Happens Weekly  
With: Rabbi Ze'ev Smason
Insights for daily living from the weekly Torah portion. Each class will leave you 60 minutes older and 3000 years wiser! Light refreshments served.
Day: Wednesday 
Time: 12:15pm to 1:15pm 
Place: NHBZ, 650 N. Price Road 
More Info: Rabbi Ze'ev Smason 
Phone: 991-2100 

Ask The Rabbi
With: Rabbi Zeev Smason
Send him all your questions.

Tanach Group - Happens Weekly 
With: coordinator - menachem
In the Tanach Group we are working way through all the books of the Nach (Prophets and Writings). We meet weekly on Shabbat, 1 hour before mincha.
It is Half Hour before Mincha during fall and winter.
Day: Shabbat 
Time: 1 hr before mincha 
Place: NHBZ - Chapel 
More Info: menachem szus 

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