Parshas: Re’eh

Moses informs the Jewish people that we each face a choice; choose to observe G-d’s directions for living (i.e. the Torah) and receive blessings, or choose to ignore G-d and experience estrangement and its consequences. Moses then turns to describing a number of religious, civil and social laws relevant once the Jewish people enter the Promised Land. Included in this listing are:

  • Don’t imitate the ways of the nations surrounding you.
  • A false prophet who attempts to entice you to idolatry should be put to death.
  • Since the Torah is complete and perfect, nothing may be added to or subtracted from it.
  • Self infliction of wounds on the body as a sign of mourning is prohibited.
  • As a holy people, refrain from eating non-kosher food.
  • Be particularly warm-hearted and charitable. Many laws and guidelines concerning tzedaka (righteous giving) are found in this week’s portion.
  • The three pilgrimage festivals (Passover, Shavous and Sukkos) are opportunities to ascend (make aliyah) to Jerusalem and the Temple to celebrate our blessings.


10th Annual Rabbi Ride Around

10th Annual Rabbi Ride Around

Sunday, August 26 ~ 10th Annual Rabbi Ride Around ~ 10:00 am -2:00 pm
Where: Forest Park Shelter # 8. This year’s ride is dedicated to Gino Bartali, a great Italian cyclist who saved hundreds of Jews during the Shoah. The RRA is a fun-filled picnic with balloons, face painting, kid’s attendance prizes, a raffle, a bike themed silent auction and of course lunch.

What you can do:

  1. Make a generous pledge per mile for the Rabbi’s 50 mile ride.
  2. Attend to cheer Rabbi Smason on!
  3. Become a sponsor for $100 to make the RRA a success!

Thanks so far to the following RRA Event Sponsors, The Morgenszterns, The Habers, The Kaisers, The McCarys, The Goldfaders, The Feits, and Aida Greenberg! We are half way there!


Holiday Study Classes

Holiday Study Classes taught by Rabbi Smason


Rosh Hashana Laws and Customs Monday, Aug. 20, 7:45 pm.

Structure of the Machzor Monday, Aug. 27, 7:45 pm

You can attend one or both classes which will be held at the home Dr. Craig & Jackie Berkin.
Please RSVP to 314-991-2100 or .

Home Study Poster


The Sisterhood Scoop – August 2018

The Sisterhood Scoop August 2018

Watch your mail for Sisterhood’s New Year Greetings Fundraiser

Proceeds will benefit NHBZ’s Passport to Israel Program and other Sisterhood projects. Help support your Sisterhood – please be generous!

Don’t forget!! Book Club meets Mon. Aug. 27, 7:15pm at Mansions on the Plaza, 8300 Delmar

Download the Sisterhood Scoop for August 2018

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email:

Mitzvah Adventrue Shabbat – August 11

Mitzvah Adventure Shabbat & Baseball -Themed Kiddush

Shabbat, August 11, 2018

8:30 am Traditional Services – in the sanctuary.
10:00 am Starting Points – in the chapel. Topic: The Best Advice I Ever (and Never) Got led by Rabbi Ze’ev Smason.

10:00 am Children’s Programming – lower level.
Tot Shabbat for ages 1-6, babysitting for younger children,
Junior Congregation for ages 7-12

11:30 am ‘Chesed’ Mitzvah Adventure

Choose 2 of 3 Sessions, each presented at 11:30 and 12:00

  1. Bikur Colim “How to Visit the Sick” by Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
  2. Nichum Avelim “How to Pay a Shiva Call” by Rabbi Yitzchok Kowalsky of the St. Louis Kollel
  3. Hachnasas Orchim “How to Host Shabbos Guests”  by Alex Lyss

12:30 pm Baseball-Themed Kiddush Lunch

Sponsored by Amy & Denny Feit and Joyce & Murray Hochberg.
For more information, call (314) 991-2100 extension 2.

Parshas: Eikev

Parshas: Eikev

Moses continues to encourage the Children of Israel to trust in G-d and in the prosperity and health which will follow if they keep the Torah. If they are careful to observe even those ‘minor’ mitzvos that are usually ‘trampled’ underfoot, he promises that they will be the most blessed of the nations of the Earth. Moses reminds them of their numerous transgressions in the desert, including the mystifying sin of the Golden Calf. Moses describes the bountiful Land of Israel filled with wheat, barley, grapes, figs and pomegranates, a land of oil-yielding olives and date-honey. He teaches the people the second paragraph of the Shema which stresses the fundamental doctrine of reward for keeping the mitzvos and the consequences of non-compliance. All that G-d requires of us, Moses says, is to love G-d, revere Him, and to observe His Torah. Easier said than done! Parshas Eikev concludes with the promise that G-d will provide the Jewish people with protection if they observe the laws of the Torah. Many are familiar with the famous phrase (found in this week’s portion), “Man does not live by bread alone.” The less-familiar second half of the verse says, “. . . but by all that comes from the mouth of G-d.” This important idea teaches that physical nourishment and external pleasures aren’t sufficient for a satisfied life. Every human being has spiritual needs that must also be met.

Please Note: Rabbi Smason will not have his Wednesday class on August 8th

Lulav and Etrog Orders 2018

Lulav and Etrog Orders are now being taken until Tuesday, August 28.

Please place your order now as we cannot guarantee that more sets will be available after that date.
Order by email to: or phone 991-2100 ext. 2.

Basic Lulav & Etrog set = $45
Deluxe Lulav & Etrog set = $60

Standard Lulav & Etrog set = $55
Premium Lulav & Etrog set = $80


Balance for Balabustes – August 8th

Senior Kollel and Eishes Chayil Women’s Division in Cooperation with Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Sisterhood present “Balance for Balabustes” Strength Training ~ Bone Health ~ Flexibility for Females ~ with Dr. Jill Abrams Chiropractic Physician • Personal Fitness Trainer • Massage Therapist

Wednesday, July 11th 2:00 pm at NHBZ 650 N. Price Road Olivette, Missouri

Bring a Friend! Refreshments served!

Printable Flyer

5779 – High Holiday Information – 2018

High Holiday Seating

Take Action Now – don’t miss out on any of the following: call the office at 314-991-2100 ext. 2 or email
Seating for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – Friday, August 31

All members in good standing – Adult, Young Adult and Senior (but not Associate-Members) – are entitled to a reserved seat for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. If you will be attending, but do not want to use your reserved seat, you may use an open, unreserved seat. Family Membership entitles you to a reserved seat for all your children from Bar/Bat Mitzvah through age 24. Older children through age 29 should obtain a Young Adult membership. Independent young adults age 18-29 are encouraged to obtain a Young Adult membership. Please contact the office by Friday, August 31 if:

  • You will not be using your reserved seat.
  • You would like a different seat from last year.
  • You would like to add a reserved seat for out-of-town relatives or friends ($180 each).
  • You would like to obtain a Young Adult Membership ($190 each).

Sisterhood New Year Greetings – Tuesday, August 28

The Sisterhood wishes you and your loved ones Health, Happiness & Prosperity in the New Year, and invites you to wish L’Shana Tova Tikatevu to everyone in our NHBZ family. Your name will be published in the 5778 Rosh Hashanah Bulletin for a $5 minimum donation (no maximum). Call the office or mail in your check made out to NHBZ, and write ‘Sisterhood Greeting’ on the memo line, by Tuesday, August 28 to be included in the bulletin.

Esrog and Lulav Order – Wednesday, August 29

It is a mitzvah to have your own Esrog & Lulav for Sukkos. They can be purchased through our shul, and must be ordered in advance. We will be happy to order a set for you and have it ready for pick up at the shul in time for Sukkos. Complete sets will cost $45, $55, $65 and $80. These prices are subject to change as we get closer to the holiday. If you want the shul to order your set, please call the office, by Wednesday, August 29.

RSVP for Children’s Lunches – Friday, August 31

Lunch for Children’s Programming is free, but an RSVP is encouraged. Please let us know how many of your children will be eating lunches and on which days by Friday, August 31.

RSVP for Simchas Torah Dinner – Friday, September 14

Join us for a free Spaghetti Dinner on Erev Simchas Torah, Thursday, October 12, as well as the Auction for Simchas Torah Honors. The dinner is free, but please let us know if you plan to attend so we know how much food to buy and prepare. We also welcome dinner sponsors for $25. Please reply by Friday, September 14

Memorial Plaques

Nusach Hari B’nai Zion is offering a unique opportunity to memorialize family members and friends. This year, through Yom Kippur, our normally priced memorial plaques of $360.00 each will be available for $600 for two memorial plaques. Please call the office to order your plaques – 314- 991-2100 ext. 2

2018 High Holiday Newsletter 5779 – Printable PDF