Celebrate Chanukah & Havdalah

NHBZ Kids Invite You To Celebrate Chanukah & Havdalah

Saturday Evening, December 1, 2018

6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Nusach Hari B’nai Zion

Fun, family friendly activities!

There will be latkes, a dreidel spinning contest, crafts and more. $10/family in advance, $18/family at door (NHBZ membership NOT required…invite your friends!

Call NHBZ at 314- 991-2100, ext. 2 or email jeff@nhbz.org



The Sisterhood Scoop – November 2018

The Sisterhood Scoop

Volume I Number 37 November 17, 2018


If you are a member of Sisterhood, you are eligible to vote in the elections that will take place Sunday, Nov. 18. If you are not currently a member you may join at the meeting with extended membership through December 2019! Annual Dues is $25. This is your opportunity to help determine the leadership of NHBZ Sisterhood and help shape the many activities and programs for next year. Any woman who would like more information about becoming an Officer or Board Member contact Amy Feit.

Supporting Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation since 1950
Teree Farbstein, President
Rachael Pevnick, President Emeritus

Rachel and Leah: Wisdom and Unity

Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10-32:3)

In this week’s Torah portion, again, a well is described as the place where a mate is found for a major figure in Jewish history. At a well, Eliezer found Rebecca, and later Moses met Zipporah. Also, as the stories of Abraham and Isaac have shown, wells were important in symbolic ways. Commentators note that wisdom is symbolized by the water below the ground; it is buried and hidden, but it is accessible to those who understand that it is vital to life and worthy of the intense effort needed to bring it to the surface. Women, too, represent wisdom: Wisdom of women builds her home (Proverbs 14:1), as when Abraham hesitated to send away Hagar and Ishmael at Sarah’s insistence and G-d told him to do everything she asked of him. We see that the human symbols of wisdom were associated with the earthly symbols of wisdom. A related theme of this parsha represented by women is that of unity. Instead of jealousy between Rachel and Leah, as might be expected, we see love and respect, with both sisters together fulfilling the two Divine missions of Jacob. One mystical interpretation is that the sisters actually represent one soul – with no separation between the upper and lower worlds – Leah, representing the upper world is veiled and undisclosed, and later buried in cave of Machpelah; whereas Rachel, the wife of this world, is buried by the open road.
– compiled from Stone Chumash (Vayeitzei) and aish.org


Sisterhood Tribute Cards

Sisterhood Tribute Cards are available to send for Chanukah, birthdays, or milestone events. Call Laura at 314-991-2100, ext.3, or stop by the NHBZ office to purchase a pack of Sisterhood Tribute Cards at the special price of 5 cards for $10. HELP SUPPORT YOUR SISTERHOOD !

BOOK CLUB NEWS! The next meeting of the NHBZ Sisterhood Book Club will be Monday, December 17, 7:15-8:45PM at the home of Rhonnie Goldfader. Next book is: The Sisters Weiss,
by Naomi Ragen, a novel of sisters in 1950’s Brooklyn, with intergenerational drama, culture clash, religion, and the role of women! February 25 Book Selection:

The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara,
by David I. Kertzer


For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

Sisterhood Elections for 2019

All women of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion and Members of the Sisterhood are invited to attend the Annual NHBZ Membership Meeting & Election of Officers and Board of Directors

Sunday, November 18, at 10:00AM

The Sisterhood Election will take place immediately following the adjournment of the Shul Annual Meeting (at approximately 11:00AM).

2019 Sisterhood Officer Nominees:

President ………………………….

Vice President ………………………..

Vice President …………………………………

Treasurer …………………………….

Recording Secretary………….

Communications Secretary………..

 Teree Farbstein

Debbie Sher


Helayne Levitt

Aida Greenberg

Fran Alper


2019 Board Nominees2

Joyce Hochberg
Terri Schnitzer
Margo Tzadok
Sallie Volotzky

Continuing Board Members1

Amy Feit
Phyllis Loiterstein
Trudy Sudin
Peggy Umansky

2 – Board term ending Dec. 2020 1 – Board term ending Dec. 2019

Any woman may nominate herself or another woman to ANY position until the election takes place on November 18. All Sisterhood members who attend the meeting have the privilege of voting. Any woman not currently a Sisterhood member may join at the meeting, with an extended membership continuing through December 2019!

Annual Sisterhood Membership Dues – $25

To nominate someone call Amy Feit. For more info, email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

NHBZ Sisterhood ✡ Supporting our congregation since 1950 ✡ Rachael Pevnick, President Emeritus

NHBZ Nomination and Election of Officers and Board of Directors


Did you ever wonder how the officers of NHBZ are elected? Do you want to have a say in the future direction of NHBZ?
Do you want to express your opinions to the Board of Directors?

You are invited to attend the NHBZ Annual Membership Meeting and Election of Officers on Sunday, November 18, at 10:00 am.

Every November, we hold a Membership meeting to give members a ‘state of the shul’ report. This is an opportunity for you to interact directly with the Rabbi, President and other officers and Board members about the business of the shul. If you would like to give your opinion, makes suggestions or just listen, this is your chance.

We will also elect officers and members of the Board of Directors. Here is how the election works. We have a nominating committee that consists of all past presidents. That committee deliberates throughout the year, it and comes up with a proposed slate of officers that is presented to the Board at the October Board Meeting. At the November Membership meeting, the slate is officially nominated, and other nominations are accepted from the floor. Note that we still have a few openings. All NHBZ members who attend the meeting have the privilege of voting. The Officers and Board members take office on January 1, 2019, with an official Installation early in 2019.

We have eight officers and fifteen Board members. Officers serve for one year, and can be re- elected. Board members serve for three years, with one third of the Board up for election each year. Here is the slate of nominees for 2019:

2019 Officer Nominees (1 year term) 


Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President




Jay Umansky

Kenny Bressler

Denny Feit

Rich Woolf


Howard Loiterstein

Jennifer Hartranft

Alan Zarkowsky


2019 Board Nominees for a 3-year term

Stuart Klamen
Bobby Levine
Ed Levitt
Chana Lowenstein
Phyllis Silverman

Board Nominees for Partial Terms

Larry Chervitz – 2 years
Jaime Papa – 1 year

Continuing Board Members through 12/31/2020

Marcie Brook
Faye Cohen
Jason Loiterstein
Stella Vladimirov

Continuing Board Members through 12/31/2019

Rhonnie Goldfader
Mike Minoff
Margo Tzadok

Stay tuned to for final Election Results


Parsha Toldos

Isaac and Rebecca pray to G-d for a child. Rebecca finally conceives, and after a difficult pregnancy gives birth to twins — Esau and Jacob. Their personality differences soon grow apparent, as Esau turns to hunting while Jacob is pure and wholesome, spending his time studying Torah. Returning from a hunting expedition, Esau finds Jacob cooking a pot of lentil soup. Jacob agrees to give his older brother a portion from the pot of soup in exchange for the spiritual birthright. Faced with a
severe famine, Isaac and family settle in Gerar (the land of the Philistines within Israel’s borders) rather than descend to Egypt as his father Abraham had done years before. After experiencing astonishing financial success, Isaac comes into continual conflict with King Avimelech over the wells which Isaac dug anew. This pattern of ‘success and persecution’ has repeated itself throughout Jewish history. Isaac decides to bless Esau as the firstborn. At Rebecca’s insistence, Jacob disguises himself as his older brother and receives the blessing of the firstborn (which rightfully belonged to
him). The Torah portion concludes with Jacob fleeing from Esau’s wrath for ‘stealing’ his blessing and escaping to Charan to stay with his uncle, Laban, where he is to find a wife.

Home Groups

Home Discussion Group: Chanukah

NHBZ Education Committee Series Home Discussion Group

Rabbi Smason will lead a discussion on Chanukah

The latest in a series of discussions at the homes of our members and friends.

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018 Please join us at the home of Dr. Ram & Sallie Volotzky 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Light refreshments will be served. Space is Limited, so RSVP’s are a Must!
Please RSVP to Jeff at 314-991-2100 or jeff@nhbz.org by the Wednesday before the gathering.

First come, First Served! Addresses and phone numbers will be given at the time of your RSVP.

Special Shabbos Guest Speaker: Stephen Flatow – November 10, 2018

Shabbat, November 10

Stephen Flatow, Author of “A Father’s Story: My Fight for Justice Against Iranian Terror”

Mr. Flatow’s topics for Shabbos morning will be: “Ancient Paths: Relying on the Past to Help us Cope with the Present”

At the Family Shalosh Suedes Mr. Flatow’s topic will be “Choices: The prelude to a Father’s Story”

Please join us for Kiddush Lunch SPONSORED BY DR. STAN & JEAN MARGUL

For more information call the NHBZ office at 991-2100 ext 2

Printable Flyer


Rapid Access Residential Lock Box Program For The Olivette Community

We love the beautiful city of Olivette, the home of our congregation. It is peaceful, quiet, and friendly. We appreciate our neighbors and the security & protection that our Olivette Police and Firefighters provide.

In appreciation of the hard and dangerous work of our firefighters, and to support the Olivette community, Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation will be participating in a Fire Department Program called the ACCESS RESIDENTIAL LOCK BOX PROGRAM. This program is intended to assist the Fire Department in gaining access to a house in an emergency when a resident cannot. It can save lives! The security lock box (known as a “Kidde Lock Box”) costs between $30 and $35. Currently there is a waiting list for these boxes!!!

We are asking for small donations with a goal of raising $500 by the end of October.

If 50 families donate only $10, we will reach our goal in no time. If you would like to donate, please send a check to the office and make it payable to NHBZ. Thank you!

The NHBZ Community Engagement Committee

Parshas Vayeitzei

Jacob escapes from his wicked brother Esau and travels to Charan, where he will stay with his uncle Laban. While spending the night at the future site of the Temple, G-d appears to Jacob in a dream. Rich in symbolism and meaning, the dream depicts a ladder extending from heaven to earth upon which angels are ascending and descending. After arriving in Charan, Jacob meets Laban’s daughter Rachel and agrees to work for Laban for seven years for her hand in marriage. When the wedding night finally arrives, Laban deceives Jacob by substituting his older daughter Leah in Rachel’s place. After waiting a week, Jacob also marries Rachel, but not without being forced to commit to another seven years of labor. Over the next few years Rachel remains barren, while Leah gives birth to six sons and a daughter. Bilhah and Zilpah (the maidservants of Rachel and Leah respectively) each have two sons with Jacob. Finally Rachel also has a son, Joseph. Jacob becomes very wealthy during his twenty-year stay with Laban, even though his father-in-law continually tries to swindle him. After seeking counsel with his wives, Jacob and his family flee from Laban, who pursues and confronts him, upset that he left without saying goodbye and arrogantly claiming that Jacob stole his idols. Eventually they sign a peace treaty and part ways.