Special Shabbos Guest Speaker Morton Klein

Morton Klein
National President, Zionist Organization of America

Mr. Klein’s topic will be: “The Orwellian Lies About Jerusalem, Settlements and Occupation” Shabbat, May 26 ~ Services begin at 9:00 a.m. Please join us for Kiddush Lunch!


Shavous 2018


The major festival of Shavous begins on Saturday evening May 19 and concludes Monday evening, May 21. You may remember Cecil B. DeMille’s film ‘The Ten Commandments’, starring Charlton Heston. Good film; however, the book was better than the movie! On Sunday morning the Torah reading (Exodus 19:1 – 20:23) contains the narrative of the giving of the Torah and the Aseres HaDibros — “The Ten Statements”, often inaccurately translated as ‘The Ten Commandments.’

On the second day of Shavous, Monday, the Torah reading (Deut. 15:19 – 16:17) contains a brief description of the Shalosh Regalim – Passover, Shavous and Succos. An argument can be made that Shavous is THE most important holiday of the Jewish year. After all, without the Torah, what is Judaism?

Sunday, May 20 ~ Services 9:00 am

Thank you for leading services:
– Pesukei D’Zimra: Howard Sandler
– Leyning: Max Gornish
– Shacharis: TBA – Drasha: No Drasha
– Akdamus: Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
– Musaf:
– Haftorah: Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
Torah Portion: Exodus 19:1 – 20:26; Siddur: pages 520-522; Chumash: pp. 400-415
Maftir: Numbers 28:26 – 28:31 Siddur: page 522; Chumash: pp. 892-893
Haftorah: Ezekiel 1:1 – 1:28; 3:12 Siddur pages 522-523; Chumash: pp. 1228-1229
Kiddush ~ Following Musaf
Mincha & Ma’ariv ~ 7:50 pm
Yom Tov Candle Lighting ~ after 8:55 pm

Monday, May 21 ~ Services 9:00 am

Thank you for leading services:
– Pesukei D’Zimra: Howard Sandler
– Haftorah: TBA
– Shacharis: TBA
– Drasha: Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
– Leyning: Max Gornish
– Musaf: Max Gornish
Torah Portion: Deuteronomy 15:19 –16:17 Siddur: pp. 525-526; Chumash: pp. 1018-1023
Maftir: Numbers 28:26 – 28:31; Siddur: page 522; Chumash: pp. 892-893
Haftorah: Habakkuk 2:20 – 3:19 Siddur pages 526-527; Chumash: pp. 1229-1231
Yizkor (Approx. 10:30 am)
Kiddush ~ Following Musaf
Mincha & Ma’ariv ~ 7:50 pm
Yom Tov Concludes ~ 8:56 pm

Thank you to Libby Sorkin Routman for sponsoring the cheesecake for Shavuos.
Thank you to Jessica Fadem for sponsoring the beautiful Bimah flowers.
Thank you to Sandie Abrams for the special apple kugel for this Yom Tov.



Sisterhood Scoop April 2018

The Sisterhood Scoop May 2018


NHBZ Sisterhood presents the 3rd Annual
Dine ‘n’ Style
Luncheon & Fashion Show

Sunday, August 19
11:30 a.m.

Falling for Fashion featuring:

Fall/Winter 2018 Fashions from Orli’s BoutiqueLuncheon, and, of course, Shopping!

For more information call Debbie Sher

Sisterhood’s NEW Book Club is Up and Running!

The first selection is The Bread Givers by Jewish-American author Anzia Yezierska; the story of a young girl growing up in an immigrant Jewish household in the early 20th-century in the Lower East Side.

NHBZ Sisterhood Members are welcome to join the discussion on:

Monday, June 25, 7:15-8:45pm at the office of Peggy Umansky
12460 Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur

For more information, directions, or to join the Book Club, contact: Fran Alper or Peggy.

St. Louis Kollel and NHBZ Sisterhood present


Strength Training ~ Bone Health ~ Flexibility for Females ~
with Dr. Jill Abrams

Wednesday, June 13
2:00-3:00pm at NHBZ

Refreshments will be served

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email:

Sisterhood May 2018 – Printable Flier

Minyan at Nusach Hari B’nai Zion


A thriving minyan is the mainstay of any Shul. We cannot maintain our minyan without your help. Attending our minyan is good for our Shul and even better for you. Check Our Schedule Page for times:

Please take a minute and fill out the form below. You can also download the form (word doc) or email a response to
Any questions, call Alan Zarkowsky 314-997-1866.

Pesach Chol Chamoed Community Picnic

Pesach Chol Chamoed Community Picnic

April 4th – Pesach Chol Chamoed Community Picnic 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

U. City Shul, NHBZ and Chabad

Join together for a day of food and fun!

This is an event not to be “passedover”!
Bring your family, friends and your first born!
Fun for the family!


Chol Chamoed Community Picnic will be at indoors at Nusach Hari today 3-7pm!

Synaplex Shabbat March 24, 2018

  • Shabbos, March 24 ~ Synaplex Shabbat and Kiddush Luncheon with Scholar-In-Residence, Rabbi Yosef Landa, (Director, Chabad of Greater St. Louis) and Robin Park (Member of the Matzevah Foundation, which restores desecrated Jewish cemeteries in Poland). On Shabbos morning Rabbi Landa’s topic is “The Teachings of Chassidism, and what it has to teach contemporary Jews.”  Dr. Robin Park’s topic will be: “Christians Travel to Poland to Repair Jewish Cemeteries.”

Also this Shabbos:

March 24 ~ 5:45 pm ~ Family Shalosh Seudos Program with Rabbi Yosef and Shiffy Landa. Prior to Mincha Rabbi Landa will speak on “Inspiration & Empowerment: A Few     Lines of Tanya and Rebbitzen Shiffy Landa will speak on “FYI: Chassidism IS for Women.”  At 6:40 pm Mincha will be followed by the Family Shalosh Seudos meal along with Chassidic stories and songs led by Rabbi Yosef Landa. Thank you our generous sponsors Rhonnie Goldfader, Debbie Barash, Susan Feigenbaum, and Shayna Scribner



Synaplex Mar 24, 2018

Passover 2018

Getting Ready for Pesach

Selling Chometz/Mechiras Chometz: All non-Pesach food that cannot be eaten before Pesach can be sold to a non-Jew. Rabbi Smason will be available to act as your agent for the selling of chometz. Passover begins Friday night, March 30, 2018. There are two ways to sell your Chometz to Rabbi Smason:

  1. In Person with Rabbi Smason: If you would like to make Rabbi Smason your agent for the sale of Chometz, please call and make an appointment with Rabbi Smason, whether in the office or at minyan.
  2. By Telephone: Call Jeff at the shul office, 314-991-2100, ext. 2 until noon on Wednesday, March 28. Make checks payable to NHBZ with the notation SELLING CHOMETZ.

Tzdekah for Pesach -Vaad Hoeir Maos Chittim Campaign: The campaign assists people in Israel and St. Louis to properly observe and celebrate Pesach. Please make your checks payable to Vaad Hoeir Maos Chittim, and write “NHBZ” on the memo line; send checks to the Vaad Hoeir, 4 Millstone Campus Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146

There are two books by Rabbi Max Weiman that may be of interest to you as we head towards Pesach. The books are “A Simple Guide to Happiness” and “48 Things 49 Days -Tapping into the Power Within”. Rabbi Weiman teaches “Mystical Moments” at NHBZ on Sunday’s between Mincha & Ma’ariv. Both books together are $36.00 and are available in our office.

Lost & Found

All coats, umbrellas, and other items in the coat rooms will be cleaned out before Pesach. Please remove your items ASAP.

Vaad Pesach Guide 2018

Vaad Pesach Guide 2018 pdf


Purim 2018

From Rabbi Smason on Purim

With the festive holiday of Purim fast approaching, I’m writing to remind you of the time-sensitive mitzvah of Matanos L’Evyonim — tzedaka (charity) to the poor. For many years, we at NHBZ have collected Matanos L’Evyonim in conjunction with the worthy organization Od Yosef Chai.

Our special arrangement with Od Yosef enables me to distribute locally half of all money collected. The remaining half supports our Jewish brethren in Jerusalem and elsewhere. All money pledged and collected for Matanos L’Evyonim is distributed on Purim. This year, Purim takes place on February 28-March 1.

Your donation of $10, $18, $36, $54, $100 – or whatever amount you care to give— will make a significant difference to those in need, and enable you to fulfill the precious Purim mitzvah of Matanos L’Evyonim. Checks can be made out to ‘Rabbi’s Charity Fund’ by Monday, February 26.

PURIM Schedule 2018/5778

Wednesday, February 28
Fast of Esther begins- 5:23 am
Shachris at 6:45 am
Mincha at 5:20 pm
Ma’ariv at 6:35 pm
Reading of (Megillah)
Megillas Esther at 6:45 pm

Thursday, March 1
Shachris at 6:30 am
Reading of (Megillah)
Megillas Esther at approximately 7:00 am.
Mincha at 5:00 pm

PURIM SEUDAH (Dinner) 5:15 pm

Join us for our Purim Seudah, costume ball, and talent contest!
Adults: $15.00, Kids 6-10: $10.00, $45.00 Family Max. Kids 5 & under: Free
Reservations are a MUST ~ Call 314-991-2100 ext 2 or email
~ Become a Purim Seudah Sponsor for $25.00

Purim Cards…

Fulfill the mitzvah of Mishloach Manos give actual gifts of food to at least two friends, then send our PURIM CARDS to everyone else. All proceeds will benefit our NHBZ Chesed Fund. Cards may be purchased in our office at $10.00 per pack for 5 cards with envelopes, or $25 for three 5-packs.


This coming Wednesday night/ Thursday is the holiday of Purim. Purim is arguably the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar. If you would only have one day a year to attend synagogue, Purim might be that day. Purim is celebrated with the ‘Four Ms’ — in the following 4 ways:

  1. Megilla: On Purim we read the Book of Esther, which recalls the attempt of the evil Haman (boo!) to wipe out the Jews of Persia.
  2. Mishloach Manos: We send gifts of food to friends and relatives …at least two ready-to-eat food items in each package, delivered by a proxy. The joy of the day increases as we send and receive.
  3. Matanos L’Evyonim: We don’t forget those with less . . . at least 2 gifts of money and/or food to the poor on Purim day.
  4. Mishteh: The merry, merry meal on Purim day . . . an easy mitzvah to fulfill.

Purim represents the height of joy — so enjoy!

PURIM IS here – please Consider BECOMING A SPONSOR OF THE PURIM SEUDAH (DINNER) FOR $25 – contact the office ~ Thank you to our sponsors so far: Don & Julie Eisenberg, Bob & Joni Kaiser, Howard & Phyllis Loiterstein, Dr. David & Fran Reisler, Alan & Janet Haber, Jay & Peggy Umansky, Murray & Joyce Hochberg, Irwin & Arlene Fredman, Andy & Ellen Berg, Jacob & Judy Levin, Lenny & Fran Alper, Leonid & Stella Vladimirov, and Kenny & Barb Bressler

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Journey


Prepare for Your Exciting Milestone with Friends and Great Teachers
JOIN For Boys & Girls Ages 11-13.


No prior formal Jewish studies required; Open to all regardless of level of observance; NHBZ membership not required!; All participants will be eligible to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah at NHBZ.


View course content and To Sign up, email:, or Call: 991-2100 Ext 2

NHBZ Bar & Bat Journey Registration (PDF)