Starting Points: Wisdom for Daily Living

Every Wednesday 12:15 pm ~ Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason
Study Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers.

Join us for these sessions designed for those who are interested in growing Jewishly, regardless of education or level of observance. Each session explores Jewish concepts in practical, understandable terms. Sessions are held every Shabbat at 10:15 in the NHBZ chapel on the lower level, unless otherwise noted.

Schedule for November & December

December 8: “How to Stay Calm When Your Life Is Chaotic” December 15: “Freedom from Anger”
December 22: “How to Pick Great Heroes”
December 29: “Welcoming 2019: How to Begin Getting Happier” January 5: “Turning Failures into Insights”
January 12: “Tikun Olam: What Does It Mean To “Perfect The World”?”

For questions, call Jeff in NHBZ’s office at (314) 991-2100, ext. 2