Starting Points: Wisdom for Daily Living

Every Wednesday 12:15 pm ~ Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason
Study Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers.

Every Shabbos ~ Starting Points: “Wisdom for Daily Living” with Rabbi Ze’ev Smason ~ A program tailor-made for those, regardless of prior educational or observance level, interested in growing Jewishly. Each freestanding session (at 10:15 am every Shabbos, unless otherwise noted) explores a distinct Jewish concept in practical, understandable terms.
Join us to learn, explore, and raise your Jewish soul with the following eye-opening sessions:

Schedule for July & August, 2018
August 11: “The Best Advice I Ever (and Never) Got” at 10:00 am
August 18: “Wisdom vs Knowledge: Was High School Trig Really Necessary?”
August 25: “Five Polite Ways to Disarm Rude People”
Sept. 1: “How to Forgive When You Can’t Forget”

Every Shabbos ~ Tanach (Bible) Study (3/4 hour before Mincha)

Every Sunday ~ Mishna Learning (after Shacharis) with Rabbi Chanan Swidler