Starting Points: Wisdom for Daily Living

Each session is tailor-made for those, regardless of prior education or observance level, interested in growing Jewishly. Together we will explore distinct Jewish concepts in practical, understandable terms.

Join us at 10:15 a.m. every Shabbat (unless otherwise noted) to learn, explore, and raise your Jewish soul with the following eye-opening sessions led by Rabbi Smason:

January 27: The Battle Against Procrastination: What Are You Waiting For?

Feb. 3:    The 10 Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Personal Success

Feb. 10:    Love vs. Lust: Do You Know the Difference?

Feb. 17:    (No Starting Points:  Scott McCary Bar Mitzvah)

Feb. 24:   This Is the Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask Yourself …..

March 3:    Is Age More Than a Number?

March 10:   Five Habits of Incredibly Interesting People

March 17:  Overrated vs. Underrated: Common Beliefs We Get Wrong

March 24:   You Don’t Look Jewish! Jewish Identity and Identification  (Synaplex)