Synaplex Shabbat – November 11


Erev Shabbos, Friday, November 10

Mincha & Ma’ariv 4:35pm

Shabbos, Saturday, November 11

Shachris & Musaf 8:30 am ~ Thank You for Leading Davening!

  • Pesukei D’Zimra: Howard Sandler
  • Shacharis: Louis Goldman
  • Leyning: Kenny Bressler
  • Haftorah: Moshe Pinto
  • Drasha: Nones
  • Musaf: Louis Goldman
  • Learners’ Service 9:15 am ~ Led by Rabbi Yosef David in the Rivkin Chapel
  • Tot Shabbat & Junior Congregation 10:00 am ~ Led by Kate Friedman and Jake Fendelman in the Youth Lounge and Eli Ragin Children’s Room
  • Starting Points: Wisdom For Daily Living 10:00 am ~ topic: “Trust and Love: Which is More Important?” led by Rabbi Ze’ev Smason in the Rivkin Chapel

Synaplex Break-out Sessions prior to Lunch ~ 11:15 am

  1. “Why I Expect to See My Gentile Friends in the World to Come” with Rabbi Chaim Eisen, Dean at Yeshivath Sharashim, lecturer at Orthodox Union in Jerusalem
  2. “A Rabbi, a Priest and an Imam: A History of interfaith exchange in the Islamicate World and the 10 commandments of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue” with Jon McGinnis, Professor of Classical and Medieval Philosophy Chair, Department of Philosophy, UMSL

Kiddush Lunch at approx. 12:15 pm

Mincha/ Ma’ariv/ Family Shalosh Seudos ~ Rabbi Eisen will deliver a Shiur at 3:30 pm before Mincha and the Dvar Torah at the Family Shalosh Seudos ~ 4:20 pm