• 116th Anniversary Dinner
    NHBZ – 116th Anniversary Banquet – Guests of Honor Leonard and Fran Alper
  • Shabbos Shoutout – October 9, 2021
    A weekly Torah thought presented by Rabbi Ze’ev Smason of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation. Approximately 5 minutes of insight into the week’s Parasha, and topics of interest.
  • Sisterhood Scoop – October 9, 2021
    Upcoming Sisterhood events, book club information and much more.
  • Community – Week of October 9, 2021
    A weekly digest of things going on at NHBZ and the community.
  • Torah Talks – Parsha Noach
    Rabbi Okin – Parashat Noach Sieze opportunity.
  • Teen Schmooze
    Refreshments will be served. Join Rabbi Avi Okin to talk about . . . life, Jewish stuff, not-so Jewish stuff, concerns, questions . . . and whatever is on your mind! 5th-8th graders 9:00 am – 9:30 am9th-12th graders 9:30 am – 10:00 am There is no charge for this program/ NHBZ membership is not […]
  • My Tree in Israel
    MY TREE IN ISRAEL A partnership between Israeli Olive Tree farmers and NHBZ! Who doesn’t like olive oil! Did you know most olive oil is a mixture of different oils and is not pure.We have a unique opportunity to buy pure Israeli olive oil fresh from the source.This partnership is a Win/Win !! support for […]