Our Rabbi

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason is the spiritual leader of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion. 


About NHBZ

Prayer, like any skill, takes practice, growth in understanding and introspection.

Service Times

Service Times for Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation

MMR Vaccination Clinic This Monday

In regard to the recent measles outbreak, and as our community anticipates the influx over Pesach of guests from sites of recent measles outbreaks and the pressing need for immunization, please be advised that...

Booklet of Poster Stamps

Pesach Food Alert

Please be advised that the following brands of Prairie Farms Kosher for Passover milk (Cholov Stam) bear the code “P”, not P-19 as previously published: Prairie Farms/Schnucks/Coburn Farms/Great Value/Market Pantry/Best Choice The code for...

Parshas Metzora

Parshas Metzora discusses the purification process for the metzora. A metzora was a person inflicted with tzara’as – a skin or hair abnormality caused by certain spiritual illnesses. After the Kohen declares him to...

Support SB 308

This year’s anti-BDS bill was heard in committee last Tuesday. We expect it to be voted on in committee next Tuesday and if it passes, it will be referred to the full senate.