Adult Learning at NHBZ

Adult Learning at NHBZ

Every Wednesday 12:15 pm ~ Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason
Study Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers.

Notice- Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason will not meet on Wednesday’s the remainder of September.

Every Shabbos ~ Starting Points: “Wisdom for Daily Living” with Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

A program tailor-made for those, regardless of prior educational or observance level, interested in growing Jewishly. Each freestanding session (at 10:15 am every Shabbos, unless otherwise noted) explores a distinct Jewish concept in practical, understandable terms.  Join us to learn, explore, and raise your Jewish soul with the following eye-opening sessions:

Join us to learn, explore, and raise your Jewish soul with the following eye-opening sessions:

December 1: “Chanukah: Are There Still Miracles Today?”
December 8: “How to Stay Calm When Your Life Is Chaotic”
December 15: “Freedom from Anger”
December 22: “How to Pick Great Heroes”
December 29: “Welcoming 2019: How to Begin Getting Happier”
January 5: “Turning Failures into Insights”
January 12: “Tikun Olam: What Does It Mean To “Perfect The World”?”

Every Shabbos ~ Tanach (Bible) Study (3/4 hour before Mincha)

Every Sunday ~ Mishna Learning (after Shacharis) with Rabbi Chanan Swidler

Parshas Beshalach

Parshas Beshalach

As the Jewish people leave the land of Egypt, Pharaoh’s heart is once again hardened. The Egyptian army pursues the former slaves, trapping them on the shores of the Red Sea. Moses raises his hand over the sea, miraculously parting the waters and allowing the Jewish people to pass through safely. Pursued by the Egyptians into the sea, Moses once again raises his hand and the waters come crashing down upon Pharaoh’s army. Awed by this indisputable miracle, Moses leads the Jewish people in the Shir Shel Yam, a song of praise to G-d acknowledging a debt of gratitude for their remarkable salvation.

After traveling from the Red Sea, and following the miraculous sweetening of the bitter waters at Marah, the Jewish people complain to Moses and Aaron that they have no food to eat. G-d responds by providing a great test of faith; a daily ration of manna that would fall from the sky for forty years every morning, except for Shabbos. Some suggest that the manna was the greatest miracle the Jewish people ever experienced. A constant water source is also given when G-d commands Moses to strike a rock, miraculously causing water to flow from it. The portion concludes with the nation of Amalek’s unprovoked sneak attack and the Jewish people’s victory.

How To Donate STOCK to NHBZ

How To Donate STOCK to NHBZ

Have you ever thought of making a donation to Nusach Hari B’nai Zion in the form of Stocks? It’s something to consider, and very easy to do!!! Just call Rick Williams, our stock broker at Edward Jones, (314) 487-1060, and tell him, or his assistant Brandon Koenigstein that you would like to donate stock to our shul; Rick or Brandon will take it from there, guiding you along the way. They will notify us of your generous donation. Any questions? Call Laura Krueger, our business manager, 314-991-2100, ext. 3.

Do you shop on Amazon? Sign up for Amazon Smile, and .5% of your qualified purchase will be donated back to NHBZ. How it works:

  1. Visit smile.amazon.com
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  3. Under “Pick your own organization,” search for “Nusach Hari”
  4. Select “Nusach Hari-Bnai Zion Congregation”
  5. Start shopping!

Every time you shop, sign into smile.amazon.com, and you will earn funds for Nusach Hari.

Remember to use your eScrip card. The more you shop, the more we earn! For every dollar you spend, Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of your purchase amount. If you don’t have a card, you can pick one up at the office, or call, and we’ll mail you one.


Parshas Bo

Parshas Bo

Exodus This week’s portion begins with the eighth plague that G-d brings upon the Egyptians as the land is covered by locusts, destroying all the remaining crops. After the plague is removed at Pharaoh’s behest, he once again refuses to set free the Jewish people, and the ninth plague of darkness encompasses the land. When that plague ends, Pharaoh becomes even more defiant about not freeing the slaves, at which point Moses warns Pharaoh about the upcoming tenth plague, the death of the firstborn. The Torah then interrupts the narrative with the first mitzvah given to the Jewish people as a nation — the sanctification of Rosh Chodesh (the new month), beginning with the month of Nisan. G-d teaches Moses about the Korban Pesach (Passover offering) and the remainder of the laws of the Passover holiday, which Moses then transmits to the Jewish people. At midnight of the appointed night the plague strikes, with every non-Jewish first-born dying, including Pharaoh’s own son. Pharaoh awakes, running through the streets (presumably while still in his pajamas) to tell Moses that he now consents to send the Jewish people from his country. The children of Israel travel forth in a hurry with the great wealth they have just been given by the Egyptians. The Torah portion concludes with various mitzvos relating to the Exodus.


Balance for Balabustes

Senior Kollel and Eishes Chayil Women’s Division in Cooperation with Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Sisterhood present “Balance for Balabustes” Strength Training ~ Bone Health ~ Flexibility for Females ~ with Dr. Jill Abrams Chiropractic Physician • Personal Fitness Trainer • Massage Therapist

Wednesday, January 17th 2:00 pm at NHBZ 650 N. Price Road Olivette, Missouri

Bring a Friend! Refreshments served!

Printable Flyer


Parshas Vaeira

Parshas Vaeira

G-d assures Moses that He will indeed redeem the Jewish people from slavery and bring them into the land of Israel. After the Torah presents a detailed genealogy of the tribe of Levi (Moses’ family), Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh to request a three-day hiatus from work so that the Jewish people can worship G-d in the desert. Moses’ staff is miraculously turned into a snake as a sign of their Divine mission. When the Egyptian sorcerers counter by transforming their staffs into snakes as well, Moses’ staff swallows up theirs. Even so, Pharaoh adamantly refuses to free the Jewish people, and the series of ten gruesome plagues begins. The first seven plagues are described in this week’s Torah portion; blood, frogs, lice, a swarm of wild beasts, pestilence, boils and hail. Moses goes down to the river to speak to the Egyptian king — however, Pharaoh remains in denial (‘in d’Nile’ — get it?) continuing to refuse to free the Jewish people as his heart is hardened. The portion comes to a close in the middle of these momentous events.