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Adult Learning at NHBZ

Adult Learning at NHBZ Every Wednesday 12:15 pm ~ Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason Study Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers. Notice- Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Smason will not meet on Wednesday’s the remainder of September. Every Shabbos ~ Starting Points: “Wisdom for Daily Living” with Rabbi […]

Parshas Beshalach

Parshas Beshalach As the Jewish people leave the land of Egypt, Pharaoh’s heart is once again hardened. The Egyptian army pursues the former slaves, trapping them on the shores of the Red Sea. Moses raises his hand over the sea, miraculously parting the waters and allowing the Jewish people to […]

How To Donate STOCK to NHBZ

How To Donate STOCK to NHBZ Have you ever thought of making a donation to Nusach Hari B’nai Zion in the form of Stocks? It’s something to consider, and very easy to do!!! Just call Rick Williams, our stock broker at Edward Jones, (314) 487-1060, and tell him, or his […]

Parshas Bo

Parshas Bo Exodus This week’s portion begins with the eighth plague that G-d brings upon the Egyptians as the land is covered by locusts, destroying all the remaining crops. After the plague is removed at Pharaoh’s behest, he once again refuses to set free the Jewish people, and the ninth […]


Balance for Balabustes

Senior Kollel and Eishes Chayil Women’s Division in Cooperation with Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Sisterhood present “Balance for Balabustes” Strength Training ~ Bone Health ~ Flexibility for Females ~ with Dr. Jill Abrams Chiropractic Physician • Personal Fitness Trainer • Massage Therapist Wednesday, January 17th 2:00 pm at NHBZ 650 […]


Parshas Vaeira

Parshas Vaeira G-d assures Moses that He will indeed redeem the Jewish people from slavery and bring them into the land of Israel. After the Torah presents a detailed genealogy of the tribe of Levi (Moses’ family), Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh to request a three-day hiatus from work […]