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Purim 2018

From Rabbi Smason on Purim With the festive holiday of Purim fast approaching, I’m writing to remind you of the time-sensitive mitzvah of Matanos L’Evyonim — tzedaka (charity) to the poor. For many years, we at NHBZ have collected Matanos L’Evyonim in conjunction with the worthy organization Od Yosef Chai. […]

Parshas: Tetzaveh

Parshas: Tetzaveh This week’s portion is a haberdasher’s dream. Following on the heels of the elaborate details of the construction of the Mishkan, G-d describes to Moses the special garments which are to be worn by the Kohanim during their service. The ordinary Kohanim would wear four special garments, while […]

Parshas: Terumah

Parshas: Terumah Exodus Parshas Terumah begins a series of four out of five portions which discuss in detail the construction of the Mishkan, the traveling Tabernacle which would serve as a ‘resting place’ for G-d’s presence among the Jewish people. This week’s portion recounts G-d’s description to Moses of how […]

Parshas: Yisro

Parshas: Yisro The weekly portion begins with Moses’ father-in-law, Yisro, arriving at the Jewish people’s camp in the desert, where he is greeted warmly by a large entourage. Yisro was inspired to join them when he heard about all of the wonders and miracles which G-d performed for the Jewish […]

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Journey

THE BAR & BAT MITZVAH JOURNEY Prepare for Your Exciting Milestone with Friends and Great Teachers JOIN For Boys & Girls Ages 11-13. 27 WEEKLY SESSIONS No prior formal Jewish studies required; Open to all regardless of level of observance; NHBZ membership not required!; All participants will be eligible to […]