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Home Discussion Group: Chanukah

NHBZ Education Committee Series Home Discussion Group

Rabbi Smason will lead a discussion on Chanukah

The latest in a series of discussions at the homes of our members and friends.

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018 Please join us at the home of Dr. Ram & Sallie Volotzky 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Light refreshments will be served. Space is Limited, so RSVP’s are a Must!
Please RSVP to Jeff at 314-991-2100 or jeff@nhbz.org by the Wednesday before the gathering.

First come, First Served! Addresses and phone numbers will be given at the time of your RSVP.


The Sisterhood Scoop – October 2018

The Sisterhood Scoop

Volume I Number 34 October 27, 2018

Women’s Philanthropy St. Louis Jewish Federation presents:

“L’CHAIM!  Women Changing the World” featuring Linor Abargil – former Miss World
Thursday, November 1 The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis

Sisterhood is representing NHBZ in support of Women’s Philanthropy programming.
Register online at: www.jfedstl.org/events/lchaim2018/

Ask to be seated at the NHBZ table


If you are a member of Sisterhood, you are eligible to vote in the elections that will take place Sunday, Nov. 18. If you are not currently a member you may join at the meeting with extended membership through December 2019! Annual Dues is $25. This is your opportunity to help determine the leadership of NHBZ Sisterhood and help shape the many activities and programs for next year. Any woman who would like more information about becoming an Officer or Board Member contact Amy Feit at 314-374-3844, or: amyph8@yahoo.com.

To join Sisterhood call the NHBZ Office.

Announcing the 2019 Sisterhood Slate of Nominated Officers & Board of Directors:


Vice President

Vice President


Recording Secretary

Communications Secretary

Teree Farbstein

Debbie Sher


Helayne Levitt

Aida Greenberg

Fran Alper

Nominations to the Board of Directors:

Amy Feit

Joyce Hochberg

Phyllis Loiterstein

 Peggy Umansky

Sallie Volotzky


Terri Schnitzer


**Any woman may nominate herself or another woman to ANY of the above positions until the time of the election on Nov. 18

Special Thanks to… Teree Farbstein, Amy Feit, Aida Greenberg, and Chani Smason for operating Sisterhood’s Dessert Booth at the Kosher BBQ Cook-Off Competition AND MANY THANKS TO ALL THE NHBZ VOLUNTEERS!!


Thanks to Book Club facilitator Terri Schnitzer for expertly leading our discussion of the book Home in the Morning, by Mary Glickman. And thanks to Sallie Volotzky for her hospitality in offering her beautiful home to host our recent Book Club meeting on October 22. The next meeting of the NHBZ

Sisterhood Book Club will be Monday, Dec. 17, 7:15-8:45PM  at the home of Rhonnie Goldfader.
Next book is: The Sisters Weiss, by Naomi Ragen, a novel of sisters in 1950’s Brooklyn, with intergenerational drama, culture clash, religion, and the role of women! Feb. 25 Book pick: The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, by David I. Kertzer


NEXT SISTERHOOD BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, November 13, 5:00 pm

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

Special Shabbos Guest Speaker: Stephen Flatow – November 10, 2018

Shabbat, November 10

Stephen Flatow, Author of “A Father’s Story: My Fight for Justice Against Iranian Terror”

Mr. Flatow’s topics for Shabbos morning will be: “Ancient Paths: Relying on the Past to Help us Cope with the Present”

At the Family Shalosh Suedes Mr. Flatow’s topic will be “Choices: The prelude to a Father’s Story”

Please join us for Kiddush Lunch SPONSORED BY DR. STAN & JEAN MARGUL

For more information call the NHBZ office at 991-2100 ext 2

Printable Flyer


Parsha Vayeira

The parsha begins with Abraham’s incredible display of chesed (kindness) to three angels who appear as men. This, despite extreme discomfort from his recent bris milah (circumcision). The angels declare that Sarah will give birth to her first child at the age of 90 when Abraham would be 100. Later, Abraham pleads to G-d on behalf of the cities of Sodom and Gemorrah. However, the cities are soon destroyed, but not before the angels save Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family from destruction. Later the parsha describes how Sarah is abducted by Avimelech, the king of Gerar, who did not realize she was married. G-d responds by striking him with a plague which prevents him from touching her. Sarah conceives and gives birth to Isaac, and Abraham makes a huge celebration.

Sarah sees Ishmael (Abraham’s son from Hagar) as a menace to her own son’s spiritual well-being, and asks Abraham to expel Ishmael and Hagar.

The Torah portion concludes with the akeidah, Abraham’s tenth and final test, in which he shows his willingness to comply with G-d’s command to bring his beloved son Isaac as an offering.


Rapid Access Residential Lock Box Program For The Olivette Community

We love the beautiful city of Olivette, the home of our congregation. It is peaceful, quiet, and friendly. We appreciate our neighbors and the security & protection that our Olivette Police and Firefighters provide.

In appreciation of the hard and dangerous work of our firefighters, and to support the Olivette community, Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation will be participating in a Fire Department Program called the ACCESS RESIDENTIAL LOCK BOX PROGRAM. This program is intended to assist the Fire Department in gaining access to a house in an emergency when a resident cannot. It can save lives! The security lock box (known as a “Kidde Lock Box”) costs between $30 and $35. Currently there is a waiting list for these boxes!!!

We are asking for small donations with a goal of raising $500 by the end of October.

If 50 families donate only $10, we will reach our goal in no time. If you would like to donate, please send a check to the office and make it payable to NHBZ. Thank you!

The NHBZ Community Engagement Committee

Parsha Lech Lecha

Abraham was called by G-d to leave his homeland, his father’s house, and his position of status and prosperity to travel to the land that G-d would show him. Upon arrival with his wife Sarah and nephew Lot in the land of Israel, they discover it to be ravaged by a horrible famine. Traveling to descend to Egypt for a temporary stay, the immoral Egyptians immediately capture Sarah and take her to the Egyptian king. G-d responds by afflicting the king and his household with a debilitating plague until he releases her. Guess what the plague was?

Back in the land of Israel, Lot parts ways with Abraham, with Lot relocating to the fertile plains of Sodom. Abraham subsequently rescues the kidnapped Lot by miraculously defeating four kings and their armies. Through a Covenant, G-d promises Abraham that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Because she had no children, Sarah gives her maidservant Hagar to Abraham as a wife, and their son Yishmael is born. At the age of 99 Abraham circumcises himself, his son Yishmael, and the other male members of his household.


The Sisterhood Scoop – October 2018

The Sisterhood Scoop – October 2018


If you are a member of Sisterhood, you are eligible to vote in the elections that will take place Sunday, November 18 This is your opportunity to help determine the leadership of NHBZ Sisterhood, as well as to help shape the activities and programs for next year. Any woman who would like more information about becoming a Sisterhood Officer or Board Member contact Amy Feit.

Parshas Noah: The Rainbow in the Clouds The rainbow is not just a natural phenomenon caused by the refraction of light. The “rainbow in the clouds” represents a paradigm shift in humanity’s spiritual development. Before the devastation of the Flood, the world was different than the world we know—people lived longer lives; the intellect was also very powerful; awareness of G-d’s presence was enough to enlighten and direct one’s actions to live a moral life. This was the potential of the pristine world of the Garden of Eden. Rampant violence and immorality in Noah’s generation, however, demonstrated that humanity fell abysmally short of its moral and spiritual potential. After the Flood, G-d fundamentally changed the nature of ethical guidance for the human soul. The sign that G-d showed Noah, the “rainbow in the clouds,” is a metaphor for this change.

The rainbow represents divine enlightenment, a refraction of G-d’s light, as it penetrates into our physical world. The Torah emphasizes that the rainbow is “in the clouds.” Clouds represent our emotional and physical aspects, just as clouds are heavy and dark (“geshem” means both ‘rain’ and ‘physical matter’). The covenant of the “rainbow in the clouds” indicates that the Divine enlightenment (the rainbow) now extended from the realm of the intellect, where it existed before the Flood, to the emotional and physical spheres (the clouds). G-d’s rainbow of light now also penetrated the thick clouds of the material world. How was this accomplished? The Divine light became ‘clothed’ in a more physical form—concrete mitzvot. G-d gave to Noah the first and most basic moral code: the seven laws of the Noahide code. These commandments served to bridge the divide between intellect and deed, between the metaphysical and the physical. Thus, G-d promised never again to flood the world.

After the Flood, a total destruction of mankind became unnecessary, as the very nature of human ethical conduct was altered. Our inner spiritual life became more tightly connected to our external physical actions. As a result, the need for such a vast destruction of life, as occurred in the Flood, would not be repeated. Of course, individuals—and even nations—may still choose to sink to the level of savages and barbarians. But the degree of immorality will never again reach the scope of Noah’s generation, where only a single family deserved to be saved. — adapted from RavKookTorah.org (from Gold from the Land of Israel pp. 34-36. Adapted from Ein Eyah vol. II, pp. 318-319)

Monday, October 22nd Book Club Selection:

Home in the Morning by Mary Glickman
7:15-8:45 PM
HOSTED BY: Sallie Volotzky
FACILITATED BY: Terri Schnitzer

Mon., Dec.17 Book Club Selection: Sisters Weiss by Naomi Ragen


For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

Download the Sisterhood Scoop October 2018

For information or to join Sisterhood, call the NHBZ office at 314-991-2100, ext. 3, or email: sisterhood@nhbz.org

Standing With Israel – CUFI

Christians United for Israel
Standing With Israel
In St. Louis MO

“Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist” -Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keynote Speaker: Major Elliot Chodoff
Israel Defense Force, Political & Military Analyst

Imagine looking at a map of war torn Syria and being able to point to your home, or sitting on your porch and being able to see smoke from an ISIS rocket. Meet Elliot Chodoff, a political and military analyst, and one of the world’s leading experts on Counter Terrorism and the Middle East conflict. He serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Population for the Northern Region of Israel in Home Front Command. He is the author of the Israel Defense Forces Field Handbook, is an expert in infantry weapons and tactics, and teaches courses in field craft and small unit tactics, counter terrorism, and military history and strategy.

Speaker: Pastor Lyndon Allen
CUFI’s Central Regional Coordinator
He has ministered in Nashville, TN for over a decade. In 2011, Allen launched
Total Life Victory, an organization dedicated to teaching about the importance of the Hebraic foundation of the Church and the Kingdom of God. Allen has been to Israel several times on governmental and spiritual tours, leading scores of pastors to the Holy Land. He hosts a weekly video podcast— Total Life Victory LIVE. Allen holds a degree from Biola University in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Biblical Studies and Apologetics. He and his wife Sharyl are the proud parents of four adult children.

Saturday, October 13 8:15pm
Nusach Hari B’Nai Zion
650 North Price Rd
St. Louis MO 63132

In Cooperation with: St. Louis Friends of Israel

Admission is FREE!
“With over 4.3-million members, CUFI is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world.”
PO Box 1307, San Antonio, TX 78295
Fax (210) 477-4713 | Email: info@cufi.org
Toll Free (877) 706-2834

Printable Poster

Parsha Noach

Parsha Noach

As a result of Mankind’s evil, G-d brings a flood to destroy every living creature. Only Noah, his family, and at least one pair of every animal species were spared. Trivia question: Do you know the name of Noah’s wife? (hint — it is NOT ‘Joan of Ark’) When the flood waters begin to recede after a lengthy deluge, Noah sends forth from the ark a raven and dove to determine whether the land has dried sufficiently so that they can leave the ark to once again resettle the earth. G-d promises that He will never again destroy all of Mankind by means of a flood, and He designates the rainbow as a sign for that eternal covenant. Noah plants a vineyard, drinks from its produce and becomes drunk. In his intoxicated state, he shamefully uncovers himself. While his son Ham dealt with his father inappropriately, Noah’s other two sons, Shem and Japeth, cover their father in a respectful manner. Generations pass and the world is repopulated. The people attempt to wage war against G-d by building the Tower of Babel. G-d responds by mixing up their languages into a ‘babble’, and dispersing them across the planet.