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Parshas Parah

Numbers 19:1-22 is read on the Shabbos following Purim. These verses deal with the Red Heifer used in the spiritual purification process at the time of the Holy Temple. This issue is important at this season of the year, since in looking forward to Passover, every Jew is careful to […]

Parshas Shemini

This week’s Torah portion begins by discussing the events which occurred on the eighth and final day of the inauguration service of the Mishkan. After months of preparation, Aaron and his sons are finally installed as Kohanim in an elaborate service. Aaron blesses the people, and the entire nation rejoices […]

Parshas Tzav

The portion begins with G-d continuing to teach Moses many of the laws relating to the Mishkan service. However, while last week’s portion described the korbanos (offerings) from the perspective of the giver, this week the Torah focuses more directly on the Kohanim, providing details about their service. After first […]