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Please Welcome from Israel Rabbi Hillel Van Leeuwen Educational Director, Mizrachi World Movement Shabbos July 27, 2019 Topics and Schedule: “What an IDF Medic in Lebanon Taught Me about Tisha B’Av” During Luncheon An Israeli Perspective on the Three Weeks” Pre-Mincha A Resource Called Intimacy – a Workshop with Cards” […]

Parshas Shelach - Carrying Grapes

Parsha Shelach

Parsha Shelach Torah Portion: Shelach Numbers 13:1 – 15:41 Chumash pages 798 – 819 Maftir: Joshua 2: 1-24 Chumash pages 1184-1185 Moses is pressed by the Jewish people to send twelve spies to the Land of Canaan (later to be called the Land of Israel). Forty days later they return […]