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Parshas Pinchas

Parshas Pinchas In last week’s Torah portion we found the Jewish hero Pinchas saving the day for the Jewish people by publicly executing the Jewish tribal head, Zimri, and his Midianite girlfriend, Kazbi. Those two had desecrated the Name of G-d and His Torah by having relations in plain view […]

Parshas: Parshas Balak

Parshas Balak This week’s portion shifts from the Jewish people’s travels in the desert to the story of Bilam, the anti-Semitic prophet who attempted to curse the Children of Israel. Hired by Balak, the king of Moav, Bilam embarks upon a journey to the Israelite encampment. An angel brandishing a […]

Rabbi Ride Around 2019

The 11th Annual Rabbi • Ride • Around   The 2019 Ride – The NHBZ fundraiser for continuing Jewish programming and in celebration of Rabbi Smason’ s 500 miles and his selfless commitment to the community. Please join us! Sunday, August 25, 2019 • Forest Park, Shelter 8 Come join […]