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Sukkah Decorating Contest and Sukkah Party

Sukkah Decorating Contest and Sukkah Party for children ages 1 thru 10 Contest Preparation: Make your favorite Sukkah decorations at home (put your name on them), and drop them off at the NHBZ office by the contest deadline Monday, October 7, 2019 Contest winners’ prizes will be awarded in three […]

Shabbat of Learning – September 21, 2019

Shabbat of Learning – September 21, 2019 ~ Services at 9:00 am ~ Topic: “Teshuva” led by Rabbi Smason during Kiddush luncheon. Thank to our luncheon sponsors David & Norma Rubin in celebration of the 50th anniversary of David’s bar mitzvah. At 5:35 pm ~ Prior to Shalosh Seudos, Isaac […]

In The Community

In the Community – Week of September 14th, 2019

Our Sponsors: Happy Birthday to: Rebecca Goldman, Suzanne Tendler, Robert Schnurman, Marcela Morgensztern and Jackie Berkin. Shabbat Greeters:  Janet Haber and Denny Feit Wednesday, September 18 ~ NHBZ Sisterhood ~ Craft Central Art Project create your own Star of David from stained glass. Wednesday, September 18 ~ 2:00 pm “ […]

Parshas: Ki Seitzei

Parshas: Ki Seitzei This week’s Torah portion contains 74 mitzvos (commandments) — more than 10% of the 613 mitzvos of the Torah. Among the highlights: Guidelines for treatment of captured female prisoners of war. Treatment of the ‘stubborn and rebellious son’. Prohibition of wearing shatnez — a mixture of wool […]