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Message from Rabbi Smason and Rabbi Okin

Dear Members and Friends, We hope this bulletin finds you and your families well, and that you found the recently concluded Yomim HaNoraim (Days of Awe) spiritually nourishing and invigorating. We extend our appreciation to all those who helped arrange multiple synagogue programs on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Those […]

In The Community

Community – Week of October 3, 2020

October 3, 2020 ~ 15 Tishrei 5781 Candle Lighting 6:25 PMShabbat Ends 7:26 PM Our Sponsors for this Week’s Shabbos Bulletin Dr. Steve and Myra Radinsky in honor of their grandchildren, Andrew Felton and Samantha Radinsky, for being semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program. Davening Information See Davening post […]

Sukkot Schedule 2020

Shabbos, October 3rd ~ First Day of Sukkot Shachris & Musaf: 9:00 am Candle lighting: 7:26 pm Torah Portion: Leviticus 22:26 – 23:44 Siddur pp 471 – 473 Chumash pp 680-691 Maftir: Numbers 29:12 – 29:16 Siddur p 473 Chumash p 894 Haftorah: Zachariah 14:1 – 14:21 Siddur pp 473-474 Chumash […]

Instructions for Building a Minimal Sukkah

Instructions for Building a Minimal Sukkah A sukkah must have a minimum of 3 walls. Dimensions of Walls Height: Each wall must be a minimum of 10 tefachim (33 inches) high. Width: Each wall must be a minimum of 7 tefachim (23 inches) wide. Positions of Walls At least two of the walls must […]