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Chanukah 2020 Fundraising Project

Chanukah Gift Baskets UPDATE NHBZ Chanukah Baskets are Sold Out! Thank you to everyone who purchased a Chanukah basket and made this program a successful fundraiser. Thank you to Amy and Denny Feit for spearheading the program and Amy for putting the baskets together.   Chanukah Gift Baskets To give […]

Traditional Thanksgiving Meal for Police and Firefighters!

Traditional Thanksgiving Holiday Meal for Police and Firefighters! From Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation For the police officers & firefighters who will be on duty on Thanksgiving Day this year, our congregation plans on bringing them a traditional Thanksgiving Meal. To express appreciation to our first responders, we need sponsors […]

In The Community

Community – Week of November 7, 2020

November 7, 2020 ~ 13 Cheshvan 5781 Erev Shabbos, November 6, 2020 Mincha & Ma’arive ~ 4:35 pm Shabbos, Novemberr 7, 2020 Shabbat Services ~ 9:00 am Mincha ~ 4:25 pm “Parsha Deep Dive” Topic: Bikur Cholim – Visiting the Sick with Rabbi Avi Okin ~ after Mincha Ma’ariv/Shabbos ends […]

Parshas Vayera

The parsha begins with Abraham’s incredible display of chesed (kindness) to three angels who appear as men. This, despite extreme discomfort from his recent bris milah (circumcision). The angels declare that Sarah will give birth to her first child at the age of 90 when Abraham would be 100. Later, […]