Selected Sermon/Article
2006-07-24 Tefilla for the current situation in Israel by name withheld at writer's request
tefilla for the current situation in Israel

Our Father in Heaven, please be filled with mercy for Your beloved children in Eretz Yisroel
All alone in the world, surrounded by merciless legions – we have no where to turn
Our mouths cannot possibly express our terror and feelings of vulnerability
Gripping the depths of our hearts, trembling with fear over our brethren’s fate
You have always been our refuge and succor – please do not abandon us now
We come before You in prayer, with our souls in such distress
Wishing to throw our entire selves before Your Heavenly Throne

Help us, through our Tefillos and words of Eternal Tehillim
To pour out our souls, offering to You as a Kurban our tears and torn hearts
Please lovingly count and accept each word of our Tefillos on behalf of our brethren
While we stand before You as paupers desperately yearning your salvation
Enable our pleas to pierce the Heavens and reach Your Throne of Mercy
Oh Hashem - All Powerful One – do not hold back your powers to save us
For with You lies our hopes and Your salvation knows no bounds

Our Father and King - please rise up in one short moment – reduce the designs of our enemies to dust
Be unto us a fortress of safety - protect us with Your loving and miraculous care
Sanctify your name in the world through Your wondrous ways of delivering us
May your Divine Providence accompany our Chayalim so that they will always be confident of your love
Speedily free our brothers in awful captivity who sacrificed everything to be our defenders
Through Your salvation, may happiness and freedom from fear spread throughout the land
And we may all praise your loving kindness with everlasting joy