Selected Sermon/Article
2002-05-12 Lasdun Writes to George W. Bush by Abraham M. Lasdun
The Honorable George W. Bush
The President of the United States of America
Washington DC

May 12, 2002

Dear Honorable Mr. President:

Words alone cannot express the gratitude that we American Jews feel towards you, for your continued
support of Israel in her extreme crisis, in the face of the rising tide of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments,
world-wide. The friendship between the United States and Israel has always been a special one, especially
since the birth of both countries was founded upon similar democratic ideals and dreams of government for
and by the common man. Both countries have paid dearly for their conviction of democratic ideals, due to
the hostilities of those who favored tyranny over love of common man and violence over peace. Both America
and Israel believe deeply that their strength and ability to serve man, lies in trust in God, who charges and
supports us mortals to champion the cause of the lowly individual over the grandeur of autocratic dynasties.
Therefore, we American Jews reach out to you, Mr. President, to express our deep gratitude for your
conviction of America's friendship and strong bond with Israel. As you well know, Israel is faced with a crisis
that is virtually unbearabledue to the extreme and constant danger to the common person walking streets
in every city, for such an extended time. We Americans feel overwhelmed by the excruciating pain of
every Israeli citizen, who are peace-loving and genuinely wish to help every common man, of all nationalities,
ethnic origins or religions. We therefore plead with you to continue to extend the kindness of America and
its advocacy of democratic ideals, to Israel in its time of crisis. We all share the ideals of peace for all nations
and people, and may our efforts for true peace be blessed with complete success speedily.

On a similar note, the crisis caused by violence from Palestinian militants, has preceded Israel's take over
of the now known "occupied territories". In the now forgotten history of Black September in 1970, the same
violence was perpetrated by the PLO and PFLP against the late King Hussein of Jordan. At that time,
Jordan solved their problem by killing thousands of Palestinians. I wish to quote from an article named
"Black September and the Back September Terror Movement, from Cedarland Lebanon website

"Two weeks of fighting produced another three thousand Palestinian dead. The ferocity of the Jordanian
onslaught and the savagery of Hussein's vengeance seeking Bedouin troops forced some of the Palestinian
fighters to flee across the River Jordan and seek asylum in Israel."

There were no world-wide cries over the loss of innocent Palestinian lives in Jordan. By contrast,
Israel in its time of crisis, orders its soldiers to spare the lives of civilians, sometimes even at the costs
of Israeli lives. Never has any country ever before exercised so much self-restraint and reverence for
human life, in the face of such horrendous violence committed against it. Therefore, we are so pained by
the portrayal of Israel as a committer of massacres and outrages to common people. We ask you,
Mr. President, to help Israel to extend her goals for helping and sparing the lives of all innocent people,
by continuing to take an uncompromising stand and campaign against all committers of terror. May all
terrorists and their backers be forced to unambiguously realize, that terror will not never work, and
its perpetrators be forced to unconditionally surrender to the ideals and bearers of peace.

Thank you very much for your support of Israel and your campaign against terror.

I remain,

Abraham Lasdun,