About NHBZ

NHBZ Is a House of Worship
Prayer, like any skill, takes practice, growth in understanding and introspection. We strive to make our services joyful and meaningful for the experienced, yet accessible to those who seek to grow in their own spirituality.

NHBZ Is a House of Learning
For beginners and the experienced, on Shabbos, Holidays, weekdays and evenings, in the synagogue and in the homes of our members and friends — our goal is to make NHBZ your resource for learning and growing. We are committed to providing creative and innovative opportunities for spiritual growth and learning for the entire family— men, women, and children.

NHBZ Is Serious about our Children and Sense of Community
Our children love the experience of belonging to a Jewish community, and our congregants enjoy each other’s company, lingering over Kiddush and shared meals. Friendships are made and lasting relationships are created in our shul.

NHBZ Is Inclusive
Ahavat Yisrael—love of fellow Jews—is the foundation upon which all of Judaism rests. We reach out to all Jews regardless of their level of Jewish education, the degree of observance or affiliation. We welcome and accept all fellow Jews with respect and warmth.

NHBZ Encourages Participation of Women
We believe that women and girls should participate in Jewish life, in learning and in the governance and life of our synagogue on an equal basis with men. We are committed to creative and innovative ways, within the bounds of Halachah — Torah Law –, of involving women and ensuring that women-our mothers, daughters and sisters-have access to a full and spiritual Jewish life.

NHBZ Is Zionist
As a modern Orthodox synagogue, we are unabashedly Zionist. We are spiritually and financially supportive of the State of Israel, and vitally interested in events affecting life there.

NHBZ Is a Place of Chesed — Acts of Loving Kindness
Friendliness is a hallmark of NHBZ. True friendliness, however, does not stop at the synagogue door but requires a broader sense of community. We practice this value with our commitment to responsibility toward each other, to the needy of our community, and to the aged and the infirm.