Are You In Need Of An NHBZ Siddur?

You may not have an NHBZ Siddur (‘Tehillat Hashem’) at home. We now have 75 new siddurim available for personal purchase and for dedication to our shul.

You now can dedicate a siddur in memory of a loved one or in honor of a simcha or special occasion and help the shul in the process.

Having an NHBZ siddur at home will also help you follow some of the services and learning sessions which we are now conducting via ZOOM and telephone.

Additionally, an NHBZ siddur can make a wonderful gift for a friend or member who is home-sheltered without a siddur.

Siddurim are offered at a price of $55 each.

Please click on the link below to place an order online or call the office with your Credit Card information. When ordering, please indicate how you would like to dedicate the siddurs in your order.

The siddurim have been donated by Amy & Denny Feit in in honor and memory of their parents and family. We thank Amy and Denny for their generosity.

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