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Parshas Pinchas

In Parsha Pinchas, Pinchas is rewarded and is granted the blessing of peace and priesthood (Kehuna). The five righteous daughters of Tzelofchad file a claim with Moses. Moses asks G-d to appoint a successor. The portion concludes with a lengthy description of the special offerings brought on various festivals.

Parshas Vayikra

This Shabbos marks the beginning of our reading the third book of the Torah, Sefer Vayikra which deals primarily with the services and responsibilities of the Kohanim. This week’s portion focuses on many of the korbanos (offerings) to be brought in the newly-constructed Mishkan. Parshas Vayikra begins with G-d calling […]

Parshas Pekudei (Exodus 38:21 — 40:38)

Parshas Pekudei (Exodus 38:21 — 40:38) begins with a complete accounting of the gold, silver, and copper contributed by the people for use in the Mishkan. Following Moses’ inspection and approval of the many utensils and unassembled parts, Moses sets up the Mishkan on Rosh Chodesh Nissan as each part […]

Parshas: Tetzaveh

Parshas: Tetzaveh This week’s portion is a haberdasher’s dream. Following on the heels of the elaborate details of the construction of the Mishkan, G-d describes to Moses the special garments which are to be worn by the Kohanim during their service. The ordinary Kohanim would wear four special garments, while […]