CDC guidelines – Message from Rabbi Smason

Message from Rabbi Smason:

Effective immediately, based upon recent updated CDC guidelines, updated CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) synagogue guidelines and in consultation with our synagogue’s medical and health professionals, I present the following, updated NHBZ Covid guidelines.

1. Fully vaccinated individuals no longer must wear masks, nor practice social distancing, indoors or outside.

2. Those who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks and social distance at least three feet indoors.

3. Only fully vaccinated individuals may work in the kitchen and be involved in food service at any synagogue event.

4. Whether vaccinated or not, anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms may not attend shul until any fever subsides, and they have received a negative COVID test result.

5. We will maintain seating that allows for social distancing for those who are not fully vaccinated or who are at particularly high-risk.

6. For enhanced safety we encourage everyone to consider wearing their masks during services, even for those not required to do so by these new guidelines.

* The Center for Disease Control considers you fully vaccinated two weeks after your final vaccination shot I express my abundant thanks to all who have assisted us in reaching these wonderful milestones for these significant steps for the re-opening of our shul. I thank the shul’s president, Board of Directors, and in particular our synagogue’s medical and health professionals (listed below) who have been instrumental in generously providing me with their guidance and time.

Dr. Alan Brook • Dr. Faye McCary • Dr. Daniel Morgensztern • Dr. Adrien Shifren • Brian McCary

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

For now, all minyanim will continue upstairs in the sanctuary.