Chinese Coins

Chinese Auction – 2019 Rabbi Ride Around


Raffle tickets will be bought at the picnic 10 tickets for $10, or 25 tickets for $20. People can put as many tickets as they want into a container in front of the item they would like to win.

If someone is not going to be at the picnic and wants to purchase Raffle tickets, they can call the office by 2:00 pm Wednesday August 21st and purchase them that way. They will need to give their name and phone number and how many Chinese Raffle tickets they want to be put in which items designated container. Again, they need to speak to a person in the office to insure the tickets get placed and will be notified on Monday August 26 th if they win!

Both the silent auction and the Chinese auction will stop at 1pm sharp at the picnic.
At that time the silent auction bid sheets will be picked up and winners announced and we will have Rabbi Smason (and/or kids at the picnic) pick  the Chinese auction raffle ticket winners.

The items above are those that we have obtained so far. Please check in for updates.

Thank You!