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Community – Week of December 28, 2019

Our Sponsors:

Thank you to our Sponsors:  Our Kiddush luncheon is sponsored by the NHBZ Israel Committee, Irwin and Arlene Fredman, The STL Friends of Israel and Shaving Israel.

Thank you to Dr. Craig and Jackie Berkin for sponsoring the ice cream in celebration of their anniversary.

Happy Birthday to: Daniella Yasinev, Eli Szus, Louis Goldman, Denns Yasinev, Lila Belasen, Dr. Naftali Kadosh and Mark Siegel.

Anniversaries: Dr. Eldad & Danielle Bialecki

Shabbat Greeter: Teree Farbstein and Denny Feit

This Week and Beyond

    • Shabbos, December 28 ~ We welcome guest speaker, Jack Langen, whose topic will be: Courage on Campus: How a University of Illinois Student Leader Stood With the Jewish Community”. Kiddush / Luncheon. Sponsored by NHBZ Israel Committee, Irwin and Arlene Fredman, The STL Friends of Israel and Shaving Israel.
    • Sunday, December 29 ~ 4:30 -7:30 pm ~ The NHBZ Chanukah Party for Kids and Adults is going to be fantastic! Amy and Denny Feit are chairing the party and they have planned an event not to be missed, plus jelly doughnuts sponsored by the NHBZ Sisterhood and a raffle for a 48” 4K TV. Please RSVP, Adults $14 -Kids $8-Family max $48. We are also looking for sponsors for the dinner at $25 -$100.
    • Shabbos, January 4 ~ Kiddush Luncheon
    • Shabbos, January 25 ~ Synaplex Shabbat ~ featuring Nadav Alkoby, Midwest Campus Coordinator at ZOA Campus.

In the Community

More events coming… Let us know if you would like to have something posted here. Thank you!
Kosher Food Drive for Tomchei Shabbat please drop off nonperishable kosher food items at the office through Chanukah

This Week’s Torah Trivia

Last Week’s Question: How long did Yitzhak Live?

Answer: 180 years, Of the 3 forefathers, he lived the longest.

This Week’s Question: How did Yaakov prepare for the meeting with his twin brother Eisav?

Don’t Forget…

  • If you know of anyone who would like to receive the NHBZ Shabbat bulletin, please send their email to the office.

  • Rabbi’s Sermon ~ To receive an email edited version of Rabbi Smason’s sermon please contact Rabbi Smason at