In The Community

Community – Week of January 4th, 2020

Our Sponsors:

Thank You to our Sponsors:  Our Kiddush sponsored by Jim Pollock in celebration of his daughter’s visit to St. Louis.

Thank You: Irwin and Arlene Fredman for sponsoring Shalosh Seudos in observance of the Yarhzeit of Irwin’s father, Avery Fredman z’l.

Thank You: Boris and Alla Yasinev for sponsoring the cake in celebration of the engagement of their son Jonathan to Devorah Green.

Thank You: to Dr. Stephen and Myra Radinsky for sponsoring the cake in celebration of Stephen’s birthday.

Happy Birthday to: Avraham Smason, Nina Levine, Morris Kram, Stanley Goldfader, Nancy Lisker, Dr. Stephen Radinsky and Dr. Jay Pepose.

Anniversaries: None This Week

Shabbat Greeter: TBD

This Week and Beyond

  • Monday, January 6 ~ 11 am at NHBZ ~ Come to a Pidyon HaBen. See below.
  • Tuesday, January 7 ~ 2:30 pm ~ Women of the Torah ~ at the home of Jackie Berkin facilitated by Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz of the St. Louis Kollel ~ Open to all women.
  • Wednesday, January 8 ~ 2:00 pm ~ Balance for Balabustes sponsored by the NHBZ Sisterhood and STL Senior Kollel.
  • Tuesday, January 14 ~ 7:00 pm ~ NHBZ Board Meeting
  • Sunday, January 19 ~ 1:00 3:30 pm ~ Special Tour of the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center sponsored by the NHBZ Sisterhood. RSVP to or call the office. Space is limited!
  • Shabbos, January 25 ~ Synaplex Shabbat ~ featuring: Nadav Alkoby, ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) Midwest Campus Coordinator, who will speak on: “Winning Hearts and Minds on College Campus” and Rabbi Yosef Landa, Director, Chabad of Greater St. Louis, who’s topic will be: “Yeshiva in Shanghai”. Kiddush Luncheon. This Synaplex is sponsored by Dr. Stephen and Myra Radinsky.

Come to a Pidyon HaBen at NHBZ! Have you ever attended a First-Born Redemption Ceremony? On Monday, January 6th at 11AM, Leib & Danielle Smason will be redeeming their first-born son from a Kohen. It is customary to invite family and friends to help celebrate this special mitzvah (found in Bamidbar / Numbers 18:15) and enjoy a festive meal. Consider yourself invited to see this relatively rare mitzvah!

In the Community

More events coming… Let us know if you would like to have something posted here. Thank you!

Don’t Forget…

  • If you know of anyone who would like to receive the NHBZ Shabbat bulletin, please send their email to the office.

  • Rabbi’s Sermon ~ To receive an email edited version of Rabbi Smason’s sermon please contact Rabbi Smason at