In The Community

Community – Week of March 21st, 2020

Shabbat Services for March 21st will NOT be held.

Happy Birthday ~ Jackie Gitel, Danielle Bialecki, Jerry Cohen, Alan Zarkowsky, Alla Yasinev and Mimi Fiszel

Happy Anniversaries ~ Ronald & Ina Makovsky, Stanley & Rhonnie Goldfader and Dr. Daniel & Marcela Morgensztern

Don’t Forget

Wednesday, April 8 ~ First Seder ~ Pesach begins

Torah Trivia from the Parsha this week:

Last week’s question: What was the basis for the model of constructing the Mishkan?

Answer: According to what Hashem would show Moshe.

This week’s question: What is peculiar about this Parsha; what is missing?

Don’t Forget…

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