In The Community

Community – Week of May 22, 2021

May 22, 2021 – 11 Sivan 5781

Candle Lighting 7:53 pm
Shabbos Concludes 8:57 pm

Parshas Naso

 Numbers 4:21 – 7:89 
 Judges 13:2 – 13:25

Stone Chumash pp. 748 – 773
Stone Chumash pp. 1181 – 1182

Erev Shabbos ~ Friday, May 21

  • 7:00 pm  Mincha followed by Ma’ariv
  • 7:53 pm Candle Lighting

Shabbos ~ Saturday, May 15 

  • 9:00 am Shachris followed by Musaf
  • 7:40 pm Mincha, Shalosh Seudos, Ma’ariv
  • 8:57 Shabbos Concludes 

Congregation News

Simchas for the Week of May 8 – May 15

Birthdays ~ Jane Kadosh, Phyllis Silverman, Howard Loiterstein, Brent Waxman, Bruce Waxman, Adina Belasen
Anniversaries ~ Naftali & Jane Kadosh, Jay Pepose & Susan Feigenbaum


  • Public Relations Com. Monday, May 24, 7:45 pm
  • Executive Committee Tuesday, May 25, 7:45 pm (tentative)
  • Anniversary Event Com. To be announced
  • Board of Directors Tuesday, June 8, 7:45 pm

Committee members should always check to find out if a meeting time has changed.

Shul Opening Status & New Covid Guidelines

Message from Rabbi Smason:

Effective immediately, based upon recent updated CDC guidelines, updated CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) synagogue guidelines and in consultation with our synagogue’s medical and health professionals, I present the following, updated NHBZ Covid guidelines.

  1. Fully vaccinated individuals no longer must wear masks, nor practice social distancing, indoors or outside.
  2. Those who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks and social distance at least three feet indoors.
  3. Only fully vaccinated individuals may work in the kitchen and be involved in food service at any synagogue event.
  4. Whether vaccinated or not, anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms may not attend shul until any fever subsides, and they have received a negative COVID test result.
  5. We will maintain seating that allows for social distancing for those who are not fully vaccinated or who are at particularly high-risk.
  6. For enhanced safety we encourage everyone to consider wearing their masks during services, even for those not required to do so by these new guidelines.

* The Center for Disease Control considers you fully vaccinated two weeks after your final vaccination shot.

The plastic shield may be removed from the shtender (lectern), and davening may be conducted without restrictions. The Shulchan (upon which the Torah is read) may be relocated to its original location in the center of the sanctuary.

Food Service

Further guidelines concerning future food service events at the shul, HaShem willing, will be forthcoming after Yom Tov. I express my abundant thanks to all who have assisted us in reaching these wonderful milestones for these significant steps for the re-opening of our shul. I thank the shul’s president, Board of Directors, and in particular our synagogue’s medical and health professionals (listed below) who have been instrumental in generously providing me with their guidance and time.

Dr. Alan Brook • Dr. Faye McCary • Dr. Daniel Morgensztern • Dr. Adrien Shifren • Brian McCary

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

To clarify, the following supersedes previous guidelines:
• No limit on the number of people attending
• No proof of vaccination is required to attend
• No pre-registration is required to attend
• No need to increase the number of people who verify that they are vaccinated

For now, all minyanim will continue upstairs in the sanctuary.

Daily Minyan

Everyone is invited to attend daily minyan in the sanctuary. In order to build our minyan back to the attendance we had prior to Covid, and if you feel comfortable attending, we ask you to please call Howard Sandler (314-409-7266) or the NHBZ office (314-991-2100 ext. 2) to tell them which day(s) and time(s) you prefer.

Back at Shul! Starting Points Goes Live – Learners Service Returns.

Beginning on Shabbos, June 5, Starting Points will return as a live program, and the Learners Service with Rabbi David will also return! Additional details to follow.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are ready to re-start serving Shalosh Seudos on Shabbos afternoon; however, we need someone to take charge of helping us fulfill this mitzvah until we hire a new Shul Administrator. If you are prepared to help with this, please email your contact information to or leave a message at 314-991-2100 ext 2.

Honoring Perry Mendelson

Perry Mendelson

The late Perry Mendelson was a long-time, active member of NHBZ, and brother of our former Executive Director, Sandie Abrams. Perry was an avid Torah Learner and participated in the Daf Yomi program for decades. He was also a teacher at many of our programs. It is only fitting that we dedicate Seder (Order) Kodashim from our new Talmud, in memory of Perry (Dov) Mendelson. We are asking you to participate in a wonderful double Mitzva – memorializing a friend and dedicating a set of Holy Books. The cost of dedicating one Seder is $3,600.

Please consider donating any amount to help us meet this goal. Email us at Include the amount you wish to donate and provide your phone number. Alternatively, you may mail a check to NHBZ, please include your number:

650 North Price Road
Saint Louis, MO 63132

Tizku L’mitzvot


Plate includes choice of Hamburger or Hot-Dog, plus Bun, Potato Salad, Bag of Chips and Can of Soda. Call in your order PRIOR to 2:00 pm Thursday May 27th at (314) 991-2100 ext 2

Request a pick-up time between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm when ordering.

Kasherus under the supervision of Rabbi Ze’ev Smason.

Youth Programming

“Teen Schmooze” – a special opportunity just for teens in an informal group setting is now underway. This program meets every Sunday – middle school students start at 9:00 am, and high school students at 9:30 am. Join us on the Kaiser Terrace. Social distancing will be observed; bring a mask. Refreshments will be served! For details, contact Rabbi Okin at .


Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Congregation is a dynamic and growing St. Louis, MO Synagogue looking for a detail-oriented person with good interpersonal, business, and communication skills to serve as its Synagogue Administrator. The Administrator is a hands-on individual who manages, directs, administers, and coordinates the secular and business activities of the Synagogue, including administrative functions, facilities, and staff, support of membership and membership activities, purchasing, and internal and external communications. For a complete description check this page.

Please send your resume and other details to .

Learning at NHBZ

NHBZ Mishmar – Join Rabbi Okin and young men from all over St. Louis for Mishmar, an evening gathering of Torah and Camaraderie on Thursday Nights from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm. We are now live on the patio with a text-based and interactive learning session. If you are interested, join the WhatsApp group with this link:

Rabbi Wasser’s Pre-Shavuos Shiur is now on YouTube Video

Rabbi Shmuel Wasser, Rosh Yeshiva (Dean), Missouri Torah Institute presented a Zoom Shiur just before Shavuos entitled: ”Life, the universe, and everything – the true celebration of Shavuos”. If you missed it or would like to see it again, here it is:

Rabbi Wasser’s Pre-Shavuos Shiur

Rabbi Okin’s Video D’var Torah Topic is “Refining Ourselves During Sefirat Ha’Omer”. This repeat Video D’Var Torah:

Refining Ourselves During Sefirat Ha’Omer

Rabbi Smason’s Shabbos Shoutout

Shabbos Shoutout May 7, 2021

Dedication Opportunities – Call the office 991-2100 ext 2

  1. Did you know you can help replace our worn Siddurim ($55) and Chumashim ($65)?
  2. You can also dedicate the Introductory volume of our Talmud Set for $125

Parshas Naso

Among the topics appearing in Naso is the mitzvah of the ‘Sotah’. When compelling circumstantial evidence suggests an act of marital infidelity may have taken place, the Torah provides a means to clarify the hoped for innocence of the suspect parties. Contained in this mitzvah is dissolving G-d’s name that was written on a parchment. We learn from this the supreme importance of shalom bayis — peace in the home. If G-d allows His Holy Name to be erased for the sake of peace between husband and wife, certainly each of us should seek shalom bayis with our spouses and other family members. What can each of us do to increase shalom bayis with those whom we love? Parshas Naso also describes the nazir — an individual who takes a vow to refrain from drinking wine, cutting his hair, and other restrictions. Remember the story of Samson? Samson — who was a nazir — was the great Jewish judge and hero who ‘brought down the house.’