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Community – Week of October 30, 2021

October 30, 2021 – 24 Cheshvan 5782

ATTENTION: The Eruv is down for this Shabbos As of publication (Thursday, October 28), the Eruv is DOWN for this Shabbos. Please verify its availability weekly at 314-863-1811.

Candle Lighting 5:46 pm
Shabbos Concludes 6:48 pm

Parshas ChayeiSarah 

Genesis 23:1 – 25:18
1 Kings 1:1–1:36 

Stone Chumash pp. 106 – 123
Stone Chumash pp. 1136-1137


Erev Shabbos, Friday, October 29, 2021

  • 5:45 pm Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat, Ma’ariv
  • 5:46 pm Candle Lighting

Shabbos, Saturday, October 30, 2021

  • 9:00 am Shachris followed by Musaf
  • 5:25 pm Mincha, Shalosh Seudos, Ma’ariv
  • 6:48 pm Shabbos concludes

 Thank You for Leading Services 

  • Pesukei D’Zimra: TBD
  • Shacharis: TBD
  • Leyning: Stuart Klamen
  • Haftorah: Rabbi Moseh Pinto
  • Sermon: Rabbi Ze’ev Smason
  • Musaf: TBD

SHABBOS MORNINGS KIDS’ PROGRAMS: Every Shabbos, from 10:00 AM until Kiddush is served, NHBZ offers programs for elementary and middle school students. Bring them into the beauty of honoring Shabbos with their community. Families do NOT need to be members of NHBZ to participate. RSVPs appreciated. See you Shabbos!

Call for Minyanim

A few of our “regulars” are traveling or otherwise unavailable for the next several weeks. Your attendance is needed, please. Check-in with Rabbi Smason and find a time when you can help. There is no such thing as too many people attending a minyan. We hope you will join us, soon and often!

Weekly News Deadline

Gentle Readers, The deadline for submissions to the NHBZ Weekly News is Tuesday, 12:00 Noon. Items received after 2:00 pm Tuesdays will NOT be included in that week’s publication. Your attention to and cooperation with this is greatly appreciated by your hard-working Weekly News Crew.

Rabbi Okin – Vacation and Chag HaSmicha

MAZEL TOV to our own Rabbi Okin as we rejoice in his upcoming Chag HaSmicha — the celebration of rabbinic ordination — taking place at Yeshiva University on Sunday, October 31, 2021. And, we are all invited!

The Live-Streamed event will begin at 12pm CDT and may be viewed at

Rabbi Okin will be out of the office from Wednesday, October 27 through Tuesday, November 2. Enjoy your time off, Rabbi! We will have PLENTY for you to do when you return. And, may you and your entire family go from strength to strength.

GOT QUESTIONS?? Ask our Rabbis! 

What is the meaning behind……? Why did my Grandmother always…..? Can you offer a deeper meaning to…..? 

Whatever the question, our Rabbis are here to answer! You may email your questions directly to Rabbi Smason at or contact the rabbis directly. You can also send in a note using the form below, name and email are optional. Let’s make the most out of these learned teachers! 

Ask Our Rabbis 

Q: Why do men only wear a Tallis for Shachris, but not for Mincha and Ma’ariv?

A: The Mitzvah of wearing a Tallis is limited to the daytime hours, based on the verse “Urisem Oso -when you see them” (Bamidbar 15:39) which according to Chazal indicates that wearing a Tallis and Tzitzis is required to be worn by males during the day. In fact, the time for wearing a Tallis for davening is dependent upon when there is enough daylight to be able to see the Tzitzis clearly, which is known as MiSheYakir, from when the Tzitzis can be recognized (Shulchan Aruch O.C. 18:3).

In contrast, the ideal time for Mincha is after the time referred to as Mincha Ketanah, 9.5 hours into the Halchic day (Shulchan Aruch O.C.233:1) although it can be concluded after Shkiah, Sunset, in extenuating circumstances (Aruch Hashulchan 110:5).

The ideal time for Maariv is after Tzeis Hakochavim, the time when the stars come out, also known as Nightfall (Mishnah Berurah 235:12). As a result, there was no enactment to wear a Tallis during these Tefillos, prayers, as they do not correspond to the time of the Mitzvah of Tallis. (The reason for the exception to this rule on Yom Kippur Eve will be discussed in the future Ask the Rabbi article.)

Congregation News

SHABBOS MORNINGS KIDS’ PROGRAMS: Every Shabbos, from 10:00 am until Kiddush is served, NHBZ offers programs for elementary and middle school students. Program content is personally designed and coordinated by Rabbi Okin. Families do NOT need to be members of NHBZ to participate. RSVPs appreciated. See you Shabbos!

Mazel Tov on Simchas for the Week of September 23 – October 2, 2021


Reuven Tzadok – October 31
Alana Minoff – November 1
Jeff Baker – November 2
Ethan Belau-Rush – November 5
Rabbi Aaron Borow – November 6

Happy Birthday

Ellen Rosen October 25


Leonard & Fran Alper October 29
Irwin & Rosalind Rosen October 30


Coming Soon

  • Saturday, November 13 – Havdalathon (Motzi Shabbos – Saturday Night)
  • Sunday, November 14 – All Congregation meeting via Zoom
  • Monday, November 15 – “14 Days Living in Eshkol, Israel”
  • Thursday, November 25 – Thanksgiving Parent/Child Learning & Gratitude Program
  • Sunday, December 12 – 116th Anniversary Event LIVE & In-Person at the Clayton Plaza


  • Online Classes
  • Every Shabbos, 9:15 am – Learners Service with Rabbi David
  • Every Shabbos, 10:00 am – Shabbos Morning Kids’ Program
  • Every Shabbos, 10:15 am Starting Points with Rabbi Smason
  • Every Monday, 8:00 pm – St. Louis Kollel Amud-A-Week
  • Every Wednesday, 12:15 pm – Pirkei Avos Class with Rabbi Smason
  • Every Thursday, 7:30 pm – Mishmar Learning with Rabbi Okin
  • Every Sunday, 9:00 – Teen Schmooze with Rabbi Okin

Annual Membership Meeting and Election of Officers
Sunday, November 14, 11:00 am

Did you ever wonder how the officers of NHBZ are elected?
Do you want to have a say in the future direction of NHBZ?
Do you want to express your opinions to the Board of Directors?

You are invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting and Election of Officers on Sunday, November 14, at 11:00 am. We will publish a Zoom link soon.

Each November, we hold a Membership meeting to give a ‘state of the shul’ report and elect officers and members of the Board of Directors. This is an opportunity for you to interact directly with the Rabbis, President, and other officers and Board members about the business of the shul. If you would like to give your opinion, makes suggestions or just listen, this is your chance.

Here is how the election works. We have a nominating committee that consists of all past presidents. That committee deliberates throughout the year, and it comes up with a proposed slate of officers that is presented to the Board of Directors. At the November Membership meeting, the slate is officially nominated, and other nominations are accepted from the floor. You can even nominate yourself. Members in good standing may nominate others and may have the privilege of voting. Nominees must be members in good standing for at least one year at the time of nomination. The Officers and new Board members take office on January 1.

We have eight officers and fifteen Board members. Officers serve for one year and can be re-elected. Board members serve for three years, with one-third of the Board up for election each year. Sometimes we have a vacancy mid-term and must nominate somebody to fill the remaining time of a term. We will publish the nominees for this year’s election when they are announced to the Board.

We Are Listening!

Just in time for the All-Congregation Zoom Meeting, we’d like your feedback regarding the High Holidays!

What functioned well? What changes would you like to recommend? Any special requests?

Please email your comments and feedback, using “Review of 2021 High Holiday Services” as the subject, to The sooner the better.

Editor’s request: Constructive feedback with recommended solutions is appreciated.

Dollar-A-Day Pushke Campaign

Thank you for your continuing participation in the NHBZ Pushke Campaign. We collect Pushkes every three months, and the next deadline is Friday, October 29. At that time, or a few days before, please drop off your Pushke at the shul office. We will credit the amount of the contents to your account as a donation, and return the empty Pushke to you. Alternatively, you can send in a check for the amount saved in your Pushke. Please call in advance (314-991-2100, Ext 2) to schedule a time to drop off your Pushke, or to arrange for us to pick it up at your home. If you return your Pushke by Friday, October 29, we will enter your name in a drawing for a $25 Target gift card.

STL Jewish Book Festival Event

Please join Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy as they discuss their co-written memoir of Sharansky’s Never Alone: Prison, Politics and My People, dealing with Mr. Sharansky’s years in Soviet prison. The event takes place Sunday, November 7, 2021, at 7:00 pm. Reserve your space for either online or in-person attendance. Tickets are available at

Mikvah Dedication

Both MEN and WOMEN are invited to the Chanukas Habayis Dedication of the Staenberg Family Mikvah Building! Mark your calendars for October 31, 2021, at 1:00pm. Please see the flyer attached to this Weekly News for additional information. Mazel Tov!

Missouri Torah Institute – Melave Malka

Missouri Torah Institute invites the entire community to a Melave Malka on Motzei Shabbos, November 6th at 8:30 PM at the Yeshiva- 1809 Clarkson Road in Chesterfield. Rabbi Noach Orlowek and Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger will speak on “How can we connect to Hashem and pass it on to the next generation?”.

Dairy buffet and kumsitz with the Yeshiva talmidim to follow. The event is complimentary. For more information, please email or call 636-778-1896 x100.

St. Louis Kollel Amud-A-Week at NHBZ

Mondays, 8:00 p.m. All men are welcome! See flyer for additional locations and details.

A Letter from Rabbi Berkowitz (of the St. Louis Kollel)

Rabbi Smason and R’ Menachem,

Thank you so much for such a warm welcome this past Shabbos.

For me, personally, it was just great to be back, but for the new Rosh Kollel and Kollel Rabbis, it was a first. I’ve got to tell you – they were simply blown away. They so much enjoyed interacting with your membership and felt such a positive vibe in the room. One of them candidly remarked to me “When are we going to do this again?”

All of us here at the Kollel appreciate the history of a terrific relationship with NHBZ and look forward to working together for many years to come.

All the best,
Yaakov Berkowitz Director of Programming St. Louis Kollel

On-going Covid Guidelines Shul Policy

NHBZ requires that all people attending tefila (prayer services), classes, or other NHBZ programs and activities show proof of vaccination. You may show your vaccination card to Rabbi Smason whenever convenient for you both, or on Shabbos as you enter the shul. Once you have shown Rabbi Smason your vaccination card, there is no need to do so again. 

If we have no proof of vaccination, you are welcome to join Shabbos services from the Kaiser Terrace on the West side of the synagogue. You are also welcome to enter the synagogue to ask a question of the rabbis and staff, conduct business in the office, pick up or leave an item, or for any other reason that might last for a brief period of time. 

Masks are required of all inside attendees, age 3 and older; masks are strongly encouraged for those outside, too. Children aged 13 and older have the same vaccination requirements as adults. 

Here’s to good health, peace, and prosperity. With our efforts and cooperation, may we help end this pandemic.

Youth Programming 

Shabbos Morning Kids’ Program, Saturdays 

Who wants to watch cartoons when we can have fun with friends and spend time with Rabbi Okin and other great counselors?! NHBZ is excited to launch its Shabbos Morning programming! 

NHBZ offers Shabbos morning programs for elementary and middle school students. Programs are offered every Shabbos, from 10:00 am until Kiddush is served. All program content will be personally designed and coordinated by Rabbi Okin. Families do NOT need to be members of NHBZ to participate. Please contact Rabbi Okin at with any questions. See you on Shabbos! 

Teen Schmooze, Sundays 

Rabbi Okin is on vacation; watch his Chag HaSmicha Teen Schmooze”, a special opportunity just for teens in an informal group setting, is now underway. This program meets every Sunday – middle school students start at 9:00 am, and high school students at 9:30 am. Join us on the patio at the back of the NHBZ Sanctuary. Breakfast will be served! For details, contact Rabbi Okin at

IT’S HAVDALATHON TIME! Saturday Night, November 13

The Second Annual Havdalathon, “Light the Night!” is only 2 weeks away! A fun and informative time for the whole family! Under the guidance of Rabbi Okin, we will learn how to transition out of Shabbos. Learn HOW and WHY we do what we do.

If the learning is not enough, there is also PIZZA and CRAFTS (each family will decorate its own Havdalah set) and SONGS and FUN. Open to all – NHBZ membership not required.

Mark your calendars and RSVP (
Sponsorship opportunities are available!

Learning at NHBZ

Parashas Chayei Sarah – By Rabbi Smason

Chayei Sarah begins with Sarah’s death at the age of 127 and Abraham’s search for a proper burial place that would be worthy of her greatness. Abraham is conned by Efron (a member of the Hittite nation who lived in the land of Israel) into paying an extremely large sum of money for her place of burial. Sarah is buried in M’arat HaMachpelah – the Tomb of the Patriarchs – in Hebron. Do you know who else is buried there? (Answer: Adam & Eve, Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob & Leah ….in addition to Abraham and Sarah). Abraham sends his faithful servant Eliezer back to the old country (Aram Naharaim) to find a suitable wife for Isaac. Eliezer devises a plan by which he will find a modest, generous, and kind girl fitting for his master’s son. Eliezer decides to stand by the town’s well, waiting for a girl to offer water to him and his camels. Suddenly Rebecca appears and exerts great effort to draw water for a stranger and his ten camels. She brings Eliezer to her father’s house, whereupon Abraham’s servant asks that Rebecca return with him to marry Isaac. She accepts, and they are married. The Torah states that “Isaac married Rebecca ….and he loved her.” This teaches us that true love comes after marriage, not before.

NHBZ Mishmar 

Rabbi Okin is on vacation; back next week. Join Rabbi Okin and young men from all over St. Louis for Mishmar, an evening gathering of Torah and Camaraderie on Thursday Nights from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm. We will meet indoors at the back of the NHBZ sanctuary with a text-based and interactive learning session. If you are interested, please contact Rabbi Okin at

Rabbi Smason’s Shabbos Shoutout & Rabbi Okin’s Torah Thoughts

These along with other NHBZ videos can be found here: ttps://

Rabbi David’s Learners’ Service 

Every Shabbos at 9:15 am. Just starting out? No worries. Rabbi David teaches the basics of Shabbos prayers. 

Rabbi Smason’s Starting Points 

Join Rabbi Smason for a 45-minute presentation/discussion of relevant, contemporary topics every Shabbos at 10:15 am in the Feigenbaum-Pepose Multi-Purpose Room. Upcoming topics coming soon! 

Rabbi Smason’s Wednesday In-Person Class will resume Wednesday, October 13, 2021. 


14 Days Living in Eshkol, Israel

Reserve the evening of Monday, November 15 for a program entitled “14 Days Living in Eshkol, Israel” to take place at NHBZ. The program will be presented by Lieutenant Colonel Keith Isaacson and a security official from the Eshkol Region of Israel. We thank Irl Solomon, of Friends of Israel, and Pastor Bryan Sharp for enabling us to host this event.

Trib-ute (trib’yoot) 

A gift, payment, declaration, or other acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration. 

Make a tribute honor someone’s Simcha or good health or a loved one’s memory. 

Call Nancy in the office to make a tribute – 314-991-2100, ext 2. 

Tributes will be listed monthly in the NHBZ Weekly News.