Covid-19 Virus Update

Dear NHBZ Members,

Considering recent developments in our community and our nation, and following the latest guidance from health officials, medical professionals and our rabbinic leaders regarding the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, the following safeguards will be instituted immediately and for the immediate future in our synagogue:

  • The use of the NHBZ building for minyanim and meetings will be closed.
  • Individuals should daven / pray at home, by themselves.  While kaddish cannot be said without a minyan, Yahrtzeits can be commemorated through Torah learning.  For further details, contact Rabbi Smason.
  • Classes and meetings will be conducted exclusively by phone or videoconferencing.

Our communal gathering is being curbed to protect the very life of our community — particularly those most vulnerable to the effects of this deadly virus.  We recognize the painful, emotional impact of this decision, which is being made in terms of the lives it can save.  This is a weighty and unprecedented short-term decision to protect lives and allow us to continue our regular routines in the long run —  may we and our families live long, good, healthy lives.

To be clear, while we may refrain from going to shul, now in particular is a time to strengthen our prayers and Torah learning.  To that end, Rabbi Smason will be offering via telephone and videoconferencing multiple Torah learning opportunities with the continuation of ongoing classes (Monday night and Wednesday afternoon) and new learning opportunities.  When the appropriate technology is in place, we will inform you.

And as we increase the physical distance between us, now more than ever must we come together as families and as a community to support and sustain each other.   To that end, donations to support basic human needs (meals, etc.) of those in the NHBZ community that are distressed due to this health crisis can be made through the link, below.

Menachem Szus          Ze’ev Smason
President                       Rabbi

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