Eruv Tavshilin

Eruv Tavshilin

Since the 1st Day of Shavuot falls on Friday, it is necessary to make an ERUV TAVSHILIN in order to prepare food from Yom Tov to Shabbos. According to Jewish Law, one is permitted to cook on Yom Tov – only for the day, but not for the following day. Thus, the problem – how to cook for Shabbos when Yom Tov occurs on Friday?!

The Rabbis instituted the ERUV TAVSHILIN to solve the problem. If one begins preparation for Shabbos BEFORE Yom Tov, i.e. on Thursday, then it is permitted to continue the preparation onYom Tov for Shabbos. Therefore, make a hardboiled egg, take gefilte fish and set aside a piece of matzo on Thursday, May 28, 2020 beginning of preparations for the Shabbos following. The following prayer is recited:


Recited over food on the eve of a festival that is followed by Shabbos

Blessed art Thou, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who hast sanctified us with Thy commandments and commanded us concerning the observance of eruv. By means of this eruv may we be permitted to bake, cook, keep dishes warm, light Shabbos lights, and prepare during the festival all we need for Shabbos – we and all Israelites that live in this town.