Exciting News – Minyan

EXCITING NEWS! We have scheduled our first two minyanim! Mincha/Maariv: Sunday, June 7 and Wednesday, June 10 7:00 pm

Please carefully review the procedures listed below. We have looked forward to this for weeks. For our minyan to continue, however, we must adhere to these guidelines which are consistent with the guidance from the CDC, the St. Louis Jewish Medical Advisory Board and the OU.

Anyone not complying will be asked to leave immediately.

  1. Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 or who has within the last 14 days been in contact with someone having symptoms MUST NOT ATTEND.
  2. We recommend that those who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 not attend. This includes those over 65, or those with chronic medical conditions – including obesity, lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, severe kidney or liver disease, neurological disorders, or immunocompromised. We suggest checking with your private physician.
  3. Minyan will take place on the parking lot on the east side of the building. (Closest to Zeid Park).
  4. Park in every other spot. Cones will indicate spots NOT TO BE USED. If you walk to Shul, pick your spot and stay in it.
  5. You must wear a mask prior to exiting your car or lowering a window. (Surgical or cloth mask).
  6. The mask must remain on at times while on the Shul’s grounds.
  7. When exiting your car, you MUST STAY within your parking spot.
  8. No roaming around or going to other parking spots.
  9. Bring your own siddur.
  10. At the conclusion of davening, return to your car.
  11. Carefully leave the parking lot.

Attendance limited to 15. Register to attend by responding to this email.

We will be adding minyanim so look for regular updates.

Contact Alan Zarkowsky with any questions. Check your email for phone and email or contact the office.