Fake Bake – Young Families

Join us for a Pre-Passover Fake Bake

Here is a secret: Matzo doesn’t naturally come in a box.

There is more to Passover—and Matzos—that meets the eye.

Join Young Families as we get in the Pesach Mood with this experiential and fun learning session!

Spend quality time with your family and Rabbi Okin while learning “hands-on” on the how and why matzo is made!

Sunday, March 21, 2021, 12 to 1 p.m.

  • Families gather outdoors (weather permitting) at socially distanced tables outfitted with all the ingredients and tools to make “fake” matzos—matzos that don’t meet all the requirements of a kosher for Passover matzo.
  • While each family works to create their own matzo, Rabbi Okin will share age-appropriate Pesach messages that are sure to enhance your Seder.
  • While we won’t be able to eat these matzos on Passover, we will be “nourished” by the lessons we share.

There is no cost for this event.

Attendance is limited so please register early!
Please RSVP to Rabbi Okin at aviokin@nhbz.org

A program of the NHBZ Children & Young Families Committee