Getting Ready for Pesach

Selling Chometz / Mechiras Chometz

All non-Pesach food that cannot be eaten before Pesach can be sold to a non-Jew. Rabbi Smason will be available to act as your agent for the selling of Chometz. Passover begins Friday night, April 19. There are two ways to sell your Chometz to Rabbi Smason:

  1. With Rabbi Smason: If you would like to make Rabbi Smason your agent for the sale of Chometz, please email him at or sell your Chometz at Minyan by putting your name on the list.
  2. By Telephone: Call Jeff at the shul office, 314-991-2100, ext. 2.
  3. Make checks payable to NHBZ with the notation SELLING CHOMETZ.

Maos Chitin

In just a short time we will recite from the Haggadah the words “Kol Dicfin!’ Whoever is hungry let him come and eat!” With the cost of food items traditionally increasing for Pesach, the needs of many are great. Please be generous and give for Maos Chitin through:

Vaad Hoeir
4 Millstone Campus Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63146

Checks should be mailed directly to the Vaad Hoeir, made out to the Vaad Hoeir with a notation of ‘Maos Chitin. ‘

Room at your Seder Table? Need a place at the Seder Table?

“Let all who are hungry, come and eat. Let all who are in need, come and share the Pesach meal.” If you have room at your Seder table or are in need of a place at the Seder table please contact the office and Rhonnie Goldfader will help you coordinate to sure everyone can participate in Pesach.