Good Shabbos – Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

Dear Members and Friends,

As we approach the conclusion of the second week of our ‘new reality’, I would like to share some brief words before the onset of Shabbos.

In the beginning of next week we plan to email detailed information about Pesach. This will include both the standard guidance we share from year-to-year, a schedule of times, as well as including additional information for this year’s ‘unusual’ Pesach. Additional information will include topics as this year’s recommended procedure for biyur (removal/burning) of chametz and Ta’anis Bechoros (Fast of the First Born). In the interim, if you have any pressing Pesach-related questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve been heartened and inspired by the participation in the multiple video and teleconference learning opportunities we are presenting. In this time of ‘home sheltering,’ ‘social distancing’ and an increased level of isolation, many of us are meaningfully connecting together. For those of you who have not yet joined one of our many weekly sessions (see bulletin for details), please give it a try. And perhaps more important, if you know someone who would benefit from these new opportunities of Torah learning and social connectivity, please encourage them to join in.

Finally, I would like to thank Menachem Szus, our synagogue President (along with our dedicated Board of Directors) and Jeff Miller, Shul Administrator and Laura Krueger, Business Manager, for their exceptional support during these challenging times.

Good Shabbos, Rabbi Ze’ev Smason