Guide for those Davening without a Minyan on Rosh Hashanah 2020

Guide for those Davening without a Minyan on Rosh Hashanah 2020

Page listings from the NHBZ Machzor

1a)  Morning Blessings. pages 60-62

1) Introductory Prayers and Psalms of Praise (Psukei D’Zimra)  pages 79-100

  • Optimally, one should recite all these prayers.
  • Minimally, one must say:
  1. Blessed is He who spoke …. (Boruch Sh’amar) p. 89
  2. Happy are those … (Ashrei) p. 91-92
  3. The soul of every living … (Nishmas) p.97, and onward.

One says everything until the “Hatzi Kaddish” before ברכו (Barechu)  on page 100.

  1. One doesn’t say any “Kaddish,” or ברכו, (Barechu) on pages 100 & 101.
  2. Say all the Blessings before & after the “Shema” till the end of the “Silent Amida” [without “Kedusha”]  pages 101-114.
  3. One can say the piyut of אתה הוא אלו-הינו (You are our G-d) on page 118 and לא-ל עורך דין (To the Almighty who arranges judgment) on page 126.
  4. Avinu Malkeinu” [on the 2nd day only] pages 152-154
  5. Psalms of the Day: Shabbos, page 158, Sunday, page 155
    L’Dovid (both days):  page 158
  6. Torah Reading:  page 164


אתה הראת/אין כמוך….בקדושתו  (“You have been shown …. to His people Israel”) p.160

First Day:  בריך שמיה…ולשלם  (“Blessed is the Name … and for peace”)  p.161

Second Day:  ריבנו של עולם…ולשלם  (“Master of the world …”) p. 161
Can be said in addition to 1st day optional/

•Blessings before/after Aliya as well as blessings before/after the Torah Readings and Haftarah
ה׳ ה׳…ונקה•  (bottom of p. 160)

7b) Haftorahs   Page 170

  1. First day: first יקום פורקן (“May there come …)  page 174
  2. Shofar Blowing on the 2nd day: pages 175-176

    If you have a shofar —the 2 blessings and 30 blasts.
  3. Ashrei  — pages 177-178
  4. Optional to say “Let them praise ….. Praise the Lord”  on page 178
  5. The entire “Silent Amida” for “Musaf”  — pages 180-192
  6. One can say the piyut ונתנה תוקף  (“Let us proclaim”) on page 200 and האוחז ביד…וכל מאמינים (“He holds in His hands ..”) on pages 203-204
  7. Ein Kelokaynu, Aleinu   — pages 245, 247  (No kaddish recited)

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