In The Community

In the Community – Week of July 13th, 2019

Happy Birthday to: Naomi Shanker, Murray Hochberg, Irena Scheer, Anna Rose Tendler, Ron Makovsky, Brian Feit and Kurt Kahn.

Anniversaries: Jacob & Judy Levin

Shabbat Greeters: Gary & Trudy Sudin

Our Sponsors: David & Norma Rubin wish to thank Anna Rose Tendler, Stella Vladimirov, Lisa Gellman and Trudy Sudin for their amazing help in preparing the food for Yitzchak’s bar mitzvah celebration and are sponsoring the bulletin in their honor. Thank you to Eliyahu Sheinberg for sponsoring Shalosh Suedos in observance of the yahrzeit of his wife, Bracha bas Avraham z’l.

2019 / 5779 The Year of Our New Sefer Torah

Sunday, July 14 ~10:30 am ~ NHBZ Torah Campaign Meeting. Everyone is invited to participate as we will discuss future events.

Monday, July 15 ~ 7:30 pm ~ The Home Discussion Series continues with the topic: “Structure of Traditional Jewish Books” at the home of Faith and Bruce Waxman.

Tuesday, July 16 ~ 7:30 pm ~ NHBZ and the St. Louis Friends of Israel present speaker Lt. Colonel Keith Isaacson, Chief IDF Security Officer of the Eshcol Region which borders Gaza.

Shabbos, July 27 ~ Welcome from Israel our Scholar-in- Residence, Rabbi Hillel Van Leeuwen, Educational Director, Mizrachi World Movement. Kiddush luncheon.

~ Monument Dedications ~

Sunday, July 21 Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery on White Rd. 10:30 am for Dr. Milton Tofle. 11:00 am for Lou Edelstein.

~ This Week’s Torah Trivia ~

Last Week’s Question: : Hashem tells Moshe “Send out for yourself men who will scout the Land of Canaan”. What is going on here?

Answer: Moshe should send the spies only if he chooses to. Hashem does not require spies to go there.

This Week’s Question: When Korach and his supporters challenge Moshe and Aaron, to whom does Moshe tur

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