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In the Community – Week of June 29nd, 2019

In the Community – Week of June 29th, 2019

Happy Birthday to: Vivian Zarkowsky, Frances Cohen, Melanie Sallis, Joanna Alper, Jessica Fadem, Fran Alper and Judy Levin.

Happy Anniversary: Kurt & Sandy Kahn

Shabbat Greeters: Mike Minoff and Jaime Papa

2019 / 5779 The Year of Our New Sefer Torah

Sunday, June 30 ~ 5:00- 7:00 pm ~ BBQ NIGHT AT NHBZ ~ $12 hamburger plates, $10 hot dog plates with 2 sides and a drink.

Tuesday, July 2 ~ 2:30 pm ~ Women of the Torah ~ At the home of Jackie Berkin facilitated by Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz of the St. Louis Kollel~ Open to all women.

Monday July 8 ~ 6:30 pm ~ NHBZ Sisterhood Movie Night at the Mansions on Delmar. Cost is $10. Arrival 6:30 – movie starts promptly at 7. See the flyer for details.

Monday, July 15 ~ 7:45 pm ~ The Home Discussion Series continues with the topic: “Structure of Traditional Jewish Books” at the home of Faith and Bruce Waxman. RSVP by July 11th for address.

Tuesday, July 16 ~ 7:30 pm ~ NHBZ and the St. Louis Friends of Israel present speaker Lt. Colonel Keith Isaacson, Chief IDF Security Officer of the Eshcol Region which borders Gaza.

Shabbos, July 27 ~ Welcome from Israel our Scholar-in- Residence, Rabbi Hillel Van Leeuwen, Educational Director, Mizrachi World Movement. See the flyer for details. Kiddush lunch.

~ This Week’s Torah Trivia ~

Last Week’s Question: Whom did the Levites come to replace when chosen to service in the Tabernacle and the Temple

Answer: The Levites came to replace the First Born, who were supposed to serve in the Tabernacle and the Temple

This Week’s Question: Hashem tells Moshe “Send out for yourself men who will scout the Land of Canaan”.
What is going on here?