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In the Community – Week of June 8st, 2019

In the Community – Week of June 8th, 2019

Sunday June 16th ~ 5:45 P.M ~ Join Missouri Torah Institute for their Dedication Dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton. To RSVP and/or to put in an ad, call 636-778-1896 , visit or email

~ This Week’s Torah Trivia ~

Last Week’s Question: Based on this parsha, does Hashem abandon Am Israel?

Answer: This is an education parsha. If Israel follows the Torah, many rewards await. If not, there will be bad repercussions. However, Hashem will never forget Israel and will bring them under His protection when they decide to return, do Tshuva!

This Week’s Question: Today is Erev Shavuot. What does the word Shavuot Mean?