In The Community

In the Community – Week of November 9th, 2019

Our Sponsors:

Thank you to our Sponsors: Denny and Amy Feit for sponsoring the bulletin in observance of the yahrzeit of Denny’s grandfather, Aaron Feit z’l.

Steven Finer and Moshe Finer for sponsoring Shalosh Seudos in observance of the yahrzeit of their sister, Marsha Finer z’l.

Happy Birthday to: Sandy Klarfeld, Tobie Dobin and Sam Ly

Anniversaries: David & Gail Porter

Shabbat Greeter: Gary & Trudy Sudin Pollock

This Week and Beyond

  • Monday, November 11 ~ 7:00 pm ~ Home Discussion Group topic: ‘Medical Methods and Halacha’ hosted by Jackie & Dr. Craig Berkin. Medical ethics, an interactive discussion about very current and controversial topics. Presented by Dr. Gil Gross, Professor OB/GYN and Women’s Health, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at SLU School of Medicine and Director of Obstetrics at St. Mary’s Health Center. Dr Gross will present medical ethics topics and Rabbi Eisenberg of The St Louis Kollel will present the Jewish law regarding these topics. RSVP to the office for address.
  • Tuesday, November 12 ~ NHBZ Board Meeting ~ 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, November 13 ~ 2:00 pm ~ Senior Kollel and Kollel Eishes Chayil Women’s Division in Cooperation with Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Sisterhood presents “Balance for Balabustes.
  • Shabbat, November 16 ~ Synaplex with speakers Greg Yawitz and Rabbi Daniel Freund. Kiddush Luncheon to follow.
  • Sunday, November 17 ~ 10:00 am NHBZ Annual Meeting, Election of Officers – Refreshments will be served! All members are invited to attend and hear and voice your questions about the future of NHBZ Every November, we hold a Membership meeting to give members a ‘State of the Shul’ report.
  • Sunday, December 8 ~ 3:30 pm ~Join us as we complete the writing of our new Sefer Torah and dedicate it to Nusach Hari B’nai Zion ~ Torah Completion * Parade * Dedication Ceremony * Refreshments
  • Sunday, December 15 ~ NHBZ Anniversary Dinner ~ RSVP now to get in on the ‘early-bird’ raffle.
  • Sunday, December 29 ~ NHBZ Chanukah Party!

Thank you to our Shabbat dinner sponsors for helping make the dinner a huge success: Jesse & Debbie Barash, Jerry & Fran Cohen, Amy & Denny Feit, Alan & Janet Haber, Bob & Joni Kaiser, Dr. Ram and Sallie Volotzky, Ed & Helayne Levitt, Dr. Faye & Brian McCary, Dr. Steve & Myra Radinsky, Leonid & Stella Vladimirov, Gary & Trudy Sudin and Richard & Mindy Woolf.

NHBZ Outreach for Thanksgiving

Once again our Community Outreach Committee will be cooking a kosher Thanksgiving dinner and delivering it to the Olivette Police and Fire Department on Thanksgiving Day. We love the security and protection that we get from our Olivette Police and Firefighters and are grateful for their service!

We are looking for a few volunteers for a couple of hours on Monday or Tuesday, November 25th or 26th to help cook the meal or be a mashgiach. Please contact Stella Vladimirov or the office!

We show our appreciation by serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the police officers and firefighters who will be spending Thanksgiving working rather than at home with their families. Once again we could use your assistance in the form of a donation of $18 or more to purchase the kosher turkey and other trimmings to prepare the meal.

In the Community

Sunday, November 17~ Jewish Community Center, Staenberg Campus ~ 7:00 pm ~ St. Louis Friend of Israel presents the acclaimed Israeli documentary film “Black Forest” and a Q&A with terrorist attack survivor Kay Wilson.

This Week’s Torah Trivia

Last Week’s Question: How long did the rain fall that led to the flood? How long were they in the ark?

Answer: 40 days and nights the rain fell. Length of stay in the ark is a topic of contention, about 150.

This Week’s Question: Is Avram told where he is going to go to?

Don’t Forget…

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