Jobs Available – Associate Rabbi Position

Associate Rabbi

Our Congregation has a wonderful opportunity and need for an Associate Rabbi and Rebbetzin to engage many members of our community including non-congregants, existing members who aren’t currently active, youth, young adults, newly marrieds and young families. The task will include the support of our Senior Rabbi in rabbinic responsibilities. The successful Candidate’s positions will include being the unofficial “supervisor” of the acculturation of new families.

We are looking for candidates who can help engage non-members and help our members feel engaged, empowered and a valuable part of the community and to make Judaism relevant in their lives.

The Candidate will work with our Rabbi, staff, board members and congregants to offer additional creative programming to connect more intimately with younger families.

NHBZ seeks to:

  1. Significantly increase the engagement of parents with school-age children in Jewish learning and living.
  2. Increase Children and Youth Programming, both educational and social.
  3. Deepen parental and children’s engagement in Jewish living and learning on Shabbat and holidays
  4. Integrate Jewish learning with Jewish practice
  5. Foster connection among diverse constituencies within the congregation and across different aspects of Jewish life (e.g. linking empty nesters with preschool families, relating ritual life to Chesed, etc.)
  6. Promote collaborative planning and action among congregational staff and lay leadership in an ongoing manner
  7. Align with our core outreach vision

NHBZ has a proven commitment to outreach and to distinguish itself with high-quality, distinctive, and engaging approaches to attract unaffiliated Jews in the area. This particular initiative is a way to build community for people with children of similar ages or similar interests and engage people Judaically with formal and informal family educational training, enhancement of Shabbat hospitality, and Shabbat and holiday programming.  NHBZ has identified a three-pronged approach to family engagement which would include home practice mentoring, communal worship, and social/cultural activities. It would be the Candidate’s role to introduce and foster innovative programming designed to appeal to families with younger children. Some activities will also foster intergenerational participation, participation in the wider community, and family projects. Home and community Shabbat and holiday experiences will be a central part of educational endeavors.

The Candidate would be available, on both a communal and individual level, to revitalize the Shabbat experience by mentoring families and households to practice and celebrate Shabbat and holidays at home.  This Shabbat hospitality can be shared as a profound and ongoing Jewish spiritual practice for our members and for the broader community.   At the same time, this effort helps participants make a stronger connection with the synagogue’s communal Shabbat and holiday celebrations and worship. Embracing our successful Synaplex model, the Shabbat communal activities may grow to feature diverse activities that encompass prayer, family education, study, Chesed and social action education. By way of examples, enhancements arising from growth may include Shabbat afternoon activities with family activities, a Shabbat service for younger children and parents, a family centric Havdalah service, and music education for both parents and children.  Current Tot Shabbat and Junior Congregation programs, as well as new family Shabbat dinners, will be integrated and coordinated in tandem with other events such as our Synaplex Shabbat program.

By fostering smaller and more intimate Shabbat and holiday celebrations, coupled with communal opportunities to share time, experiences and space we will create a common culture of Jewish awareness that will transcend generations, and engage more and more families and households. The broader goal is to instill in diverse congregational groups a deep and enduring relationship with Shabbat and Jewish holidays as “Jewish time” that crosses generations, begins in early childhood, and grows stronger over a lifetime.

It is understood that the majority of in person duties owed to NHBZ will be performed on or in anticipation of weekends and Jewish holidays. To facilitate this relationship, the Candidate will live in the Olivette community. For purposes of clarity and not limitation, the expectations for the function of the Candidate at NHBZ will include the following:

  1. Oversight of Shabbatonim for Young Families
  2. Oversight of Young Family programming
  3. Periodic Saturday night or Sunday Young Family events
  4. Host regular Shabbat meals at the Candidate’s home. The effectiveness of revitalizing Shabbat is recognized, both on a communal and individual level, as a living home practice by mentoring families and households to practice and celebrate Shabbat and holidays at home and communally at synagogue
  5. Recruit and oversee Young Family volunteers at NHBZ for Young Family programs, including undertaking publicity for NHBZ Young Family events and activities in the community utilizing printed and online media
  6. To plan and deliver a broad variety of educational, cultural and social programs for individuals and groups at NHBZ who are within the demographic target of Young Family Programming
  7. Regular attendance at Services. This may include leading davening and leining and introductory Shabbat morning programs
  8. Periodically giving Sermons and Shiurim as requested
  9. To actively promote the work of NHBZ to foster a positive attitude to Israel and Zionism
  10. This list of core functions is not prescriptive; it merely outlines the key tasks and responsibilities of the post and the key tasks and responsibilities are subject to change.

Compensation: Based on Experience
Location: St. Louis, MO, USA
Term: This will be at least a three year position for the right candidate, with longer term potential.

To Apply please send Resume, Cover Letter, and optionally a link to a short Dvar Torah video to