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Kristallnacht: We Must Remember

November 9 – 10, 1938. A night of terror which marked a turning point when the Nazis became more violent toward Jews. One internet source describes it in one sentence: “The violence of Kristallnacht served notice to Jews worldwide that Nazi anti-Semitism was not a temporary predicament and would only intensify.”


Approximately 400 people were murdered or driven to commit suicide. More than 1,400 synagogues and places of worship as well as about 7,500 businesses and homes were destroyed. Jewish cemeteries and other Jewish community institutions were ravaged.

In the following days, the Gestapo arrested 30,000 Jewish men and hauled them to concentration camps, where hundreds were murdered or died. Most of the surviving detainees were released again after a few weeks or months.

Please take a moment today to remember those lost, to say a prayer that hatred everywhere ends and that such atrocities never again occur.

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