Message from Rabbi Smason and Rabbi Okin

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope this bulletin finds you and your families well, and that you found the recently concluded Yomim HaNoraim (Days of Awe) spiritually nourishing and invigorating. We extend our appreciation to all those who helped arrange multiple synagogue programs on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Those programs included both indoor and outdoor minyanim and learners’ services. Special thanks is offered to our team of medical and health professionals for their guidance and time to ensure shul programs were conducted in a safe, responsible manner.

As we look forward to the forthcoming holidays of Sukkos, Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah, circumstances remain that guidance be offered and appropriate steps taken to ensure the health and safety of the NHBZ community as we look forward to this joyous season. To that end:

  • Please find in this bulletin information on constructing a sukkah with maximum ventilation
  • Regarding the handling of the Arba Minim (Four Species, including the Lulav and Esrog); a set of Arba Minim should not be shared and handled by those outside of your own immediate family group (‘pod’ or ‘bubble’) with whom you are living. A special protocol will be used during shul services for someone wanting to use the set of Arba Minim owned by the shul.
  • In the shul Sukkah, individuals must be careful about face covering and social distancing. Medical experts are not encouraging large shared meals in any Sukkah, nor out of town guests. In any event, we urge everyone to consult with their local medical providers regarding appropriate social distancing measures.
  • Information regarding Simchas Torah services and observances (hakofos, dancing, aliyas, etc.) will be forthcoming in next week’s bulletin.

May you and your families enjoy a Chag Sameach — a joyous, meaningful continuation of Sukkos and the holidays.

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

Rabbi Avi Okin

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