Our shul is first and foremost our house of prayer, teffilah. We are obligated to daven thrice daily, come rain, shine, hail, snow.

Minyan praying facilitates many prayers which can only be uttered as a congregation. Those include the reading of Torah, the stating of Barchu, the saying of Kedusha and of course, the Kaddish.

Lacking a minyan, we void ourselves of fulfilling these mitzvot.

All should know that since the beginning of COVID-19 conditions, our shul has continued to hold daily and Shabbat and yom tov minyanim, with almost no interruptions. These are conducted within the current medical parameters.

We thank our group of very dedicated men, who have made this possible and those ladies who come on shabbat.

There are various reasons put forward for not attending minyan, including the current COVID-19 situation. Recently, they excavated a hiding room in what was the Warsaw ghetto. They found 10 sets of teffilin, leading to the easy conclusion that those hiding there were conducting regular minyanim, under the human-devil conditions of the Nazis.

If those Yidden were prepared to risk their lives on a daily basis to fulfill the mitzvah of teffila b’tzibur (public prayer), surely, we can participate in responsibly conducted minyanim.

I am asking each able-bodied man of our congregation to present themselves to our Gabbi, Alan Zarkowsky, to commit to attending the minyanim and for inclusion in the regular minyan roster for a few times a week.

Rav todot, with great attention to performing this mitzvah.

Onwards and upwards.

Menachem Szus, NHBZ Board President

P.S. Contact Alan via avzark@aol.com or 314-805-1896