Mitzvah Adventure Shabbat & Israel-Themed Kiddush

Mitzvah Adventure Shabbat  & Israel-Themed Kiddush

8:30 am Davening begins.
11:15 am Choose 2 of 3 Mitzvah Adventures
12:15 pm Kiddush Lunch

Sponsored by Louis & Rebecca Goldman and Jason & Nicole Loiterstein

A Message from Louis Goldman about the Mitzvah Adventure Program:

My son Joseph, of blessed memory, was often hesitant to try new things. Sometimes he would enjoy a new experience… and sometimes he would not. But whatever the outcome, he was always pleased that he had tried something new, and truly excited to tell people about it. With Joseph as my inspiration, I suggested the “Mitzvah Adventure” concept. My vision was that congregants and guests would have the opportunity to learn about mitzvot of interest to them, and— with the proper knowledge and guidance—be inspired to “try new things,” enriching their lives with enhanced mitzvah observance. I speak from personal experience when I say that NHBZ provides an exceptional environment in which to try new things. For example, it may surprise some of you to learn that just over four years ago, my Hebrew reading was exceedingly slow, and I had never led davening. But with support and encouragement from so many individuals in this congregation, I’ve led Shabbat services, weekday services, and Yomtov services; I’ve read Torah at weekday minyanim on a semi-regular basis; and I’ve even taught Hebrew classes. I can’t imagine a better place to learn more, do more, and grow as a Jew. I hope that everyone reading this will view the Mitzvah Adventure program as an opportunity to try something new and grow Jewishly, regardless of your current level of knowledge or observance. Even though we might be hesitant to “try new things,” I encourage each of us to take a chance. Learn something new. Try something new. I think you’ll be glad you did. I know I am. With gratitude, appreciation, and love, Louis Goldman

Choose 2 of 3 Mitzvah Adventures

What is Special About Israel?
Zionism & its Relevance in 21st Century.
Anti-BDS Legislation.