Musar Avicha Meeting

Last Sunday, NHBZ had a wonderful opportunity to connect with the synagogue Musar Avicha Shul, located in Maale Adumim, Israel just south of Jerusalem. This community consists of members from all over the world. We had a very warm and candid Zoom program and learned about each other and our connections to Israel and St. Louis. It was surprising to learn that many of the members of the Maale Adumim community had previously visited St. Louis. One gentleman had once led davening at NHBZ!

We were asked to choose an object in our homes that we cherish; this could be an object that reminded us of Israel or St. Louis. There were Cardinal baseball hats (one in Hebrew spelling ‘Cardinals’) along with religious objects of sentimental value. In particular, it was interesting to see a Hanukiah with a music box connected at the base.

The warmth and candid conversation was evident in all the encounters.

I would like to share the reaction of one of our new friends from Musar Avicha Shul who wrote to me the following:

The meeting was for me personally and also for the other participants uplifting and charming. No exaggeration to say that this is really a point of light within the corona time. We were left with a lot of taste for more. I have already started talking to other people in the community about a meeting in Hebrew, and I am also checking with our youth if there is anyone who is interested in a meeting for them. I really feel the hand of Hashem connecting two groups of Jews that only half a year ago it was impossible to imagine a connection between them.

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Information about Musar Avicha Shul can be found here:

I would like to thank Devy Goldenberg for her abundant help in organizing our meeting with Musar Avicha Shul, as well as for writing most of the summary that appears above. This program would not have taken place without Devy. I also thank Alan Haber for uploading and editing the video. I thank Rabbi Ezra Friedman and Tsuriel Yorav who organized the program on behalf of Musar Avicha Shul. And last but not least, I thank Susan Hoffman who, on behalf of World Mizrachi Movement, made the shidduch between Musar Avicha Shul and NHBZ.

Nusach Hari B’nai Zion plans to continue this special connection with Musar Avicha Shul. Speaking on behalf of Devy, both she and I welcome your ideas for ‘next steps’ and your interest in future participation.

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason

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