NHBZ 2021 Holiday COVID-19 Guidelines


We welcome all members and friends to NHBZ for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 

For Sanctuary services, please enter the synagogue from the South entrance facing LOGOS School. For the Aish HaTorah Learner’s service, please enter the synagogue from the North entrance at the lower level. 

In order to ensure everybody’s safety to the highest degree possible, NHBZ requests that all those attending services in the shul wear a mask and show that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You can show your vaccination card to Rabbi Smason before the holidays, or to a greeter as you enter the shul. 

If you are unable to show that you have been vaccinated, we welcome you to join services from outside on the Kaiser Terrace on the West side of the synagogue building. For those outside, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask. 

  • Children age 13 and older have the same requirements as adults. 
  • Children 12 and under need not be vaccinated. 
  • Children 3-12 must wear a mask; under age 3 no mask is needed. 

May this be a year of health and peace. With our efforts and cooperation, may we all help end this pandemic.