NHBZ Graduates from the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

Bella Soyfer will be starting 7th grade at Ladue Middle School. She is a kind and compassionate
person, an amazing reader, and a curious learner. She cares deeply about her family and is
always willing to help when needed. She is hard working and very responsible. Bella puts in her
best work when completing challenging assignments. She is always on time and never forgets
anything! Her ability to stay organized and keep her things in order is incredible. She is very
creative and has explored many art forms on her own. She is also becoming a great baker. Bella
has grown a lot in her knowledge and understanding of Judaism this year. She is starting to think
deeply and truly connect with our traditions. We are proud of all Bella has accomplished so far!

Joseph Elijah Baker attends Ladue Middle School and will be starting 7th grade. Joseph is in the band at school, and plays the trumpet. Also, Joseph enjoys making people laugh with his jokes, he finds alot of his material from current events. This past year, Joseph has had the privilege of having Menachem Szus as his instructor for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program held at NHBZ. Joseph is glad to have completed and now graduated from the program.