Parshas Bereishis

This first portion of the Torah begins with G-d’s creation of the world in six days and His ‘resting’ on the seventh. All was created during this first week; from the separation between light and darkness, to the establishment of the sun, moon and stars, to the creation of Man (Adam) and Woman (Eve) in G-d’s image and their placement in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve are given one command –to refrain from eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Eve is enticed by the snake to eat of the forbidden fruit, and she offers some to her husband as well. G-d punishes them for their transgression, and they are banished from the paradise of Eden.

After the expulsion their first two sons, Cain and Abel, each bring an offering to G-d. In jealousy Cain kills his brother, and G-d sends him into exile to wander the face of the earth. The Torah then gives a genealogy of the first ten generations of the world, beginning with Adam and leading up to the birth of Noah and his three sons.

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