Second Rabbinic Candidate Weekend


Rabbi Andrews

We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Andrews and his family will join us on Shabbos, April 30th. Rabbi Andrews will lead services, deliver the Sermon, and speak at a Kiddish/Luncheon.

There will be a question and answer session on Sunday morning and other opportunities for you to get to know Rabbi Andrews and his family.

Rabbi Andrews hopes to touch the lives of the members of his community and grow alongside his congregants. He and his wife Hannah, a bubbly, charismatic and talented educator, have four children.

Born and raised in Canada, Rabbi Andrews attended Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago, where he received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Rabbinics. While at Telshe, he developed a special relationship with its Rosh Hayeshiva, Rabbi Avrohom C. Levin zt”l, from whom he received his semicha.

Rabbi Andrews has been deeply involved in the Rabbinate and Jewish education. He taught at Jewish schools in every city he ministered and ran educational outreach programmes. This afforded Rabbi Andrews the opportunity to learn the craft from some of the most significant personalities in contemporary Jewish education and rabbinics. Additionally, he has served as the administrator for the local kosher supervising agency as part of his capacity as the Assistant Rabbi of Congregation House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel in Calgary and as the Rav Hamachshir for the Lehigh Valley Kashruth Commission in his most recent post in Allentown. He was also the Rabbi of Lake Park Synagogue in Milwaukee.
Before moving to Allentown, Rabbi Andrews was employed as the Associate Rabbi of Finchley United Synagogue in London, a flagship congregation of the United Synagogue with over 1,800 member families. There he began innovative social and educational programming and worked tirelessly to strengthen the social engagement of its vast and broad membership.

In Allentown, Rabbi Andrews has been employed as the Rabbi of Congregation Sons of Israel. There, he provided leadership shepherding his congregation through the Covid crisis, implemented new educational programs, and engaged in significant community outreach. Both Hannah and the Rabbi are excited to spend Shabbos/Shabbat with you!

If you are looking for the survey go to the Rabbinic Candidate Survey.