Selling Chametz Pesach 2020

Selling Chametz Pesach 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

The challenging situation of the Covid-19 requires a modification in the way we will be able to sell our chametz this year. Unlike previous years where you could personally meet with Rabbi Smason and then designate him as your shliach (proxy) to sell your chametz, current circumstances require the chametz sale to be conducted by email or regular (snail) mail.

Below, please find a form authorizing Rabbi Smason to be your shliach (proxy) to sell your chametz for Pesach, this year to begin on the evening of April 8 and conclude on the evening of April 16.

Your authorization form MUST be in Rabbi Smason’s possession no later than Tuesday, April 7. If you plan on sending the form by regular mail, please allow sufficient time for its arrival to the NHBZ office.

It is customary to make a donation when arranging the chametz sale. Checks can be made out to NHBZ with “Chametz sale” in the memo line. Alternatively, you can make a donation by clicking here. Please make a notation on the Paypal site in the memo stating of “Chametz sale” If you have any questions about the process of the sale of chametz, please don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Smason by email ( or phone (314 991-2100 x 1)

Date ____________

I / We appoint Rabbi Ze’ev Smason to be my/our agent in regard to the sale of CHAMETZ prior to Passover, and subsequent re-purchase after Passover, if possible. This agency is bound by the dictates of Halacha and all necessary qualifications to ensure that this agency and sales, purchases and rentals enacted thereby meet these requirements are deemed to be part of this agreement.

Reference is made to the standard SHTAR HARSHA’AH in this regard. Included in this agency is the right to appoint further agents and to rent/sell real and personal property as need be to ensure that the HALACHIC concerns in regard to chametz on Passover are met.